Here’s the Bang About BANGS Shoes

Photo by Jess Cartwright

“We sell shoes, but BANGS has transformed into so much more than that,” BANGS Shoes founder, Hannah Davis, expressed.  

Hannah was teaching English in China when she came up with the idea to start the shoe company.  “Bangs” is the Mandarin word for “help,” which perfectly embodies the mission of the company.  BANGS shoes is not only a shoe company; it is a social mission that encourages adventure, creativity and creating a lasting, positive impact on the community around us.  

The company takes 20% of their profits to give, in the form of a loan, to entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.  With a 99% rate of repayment of loans, you could say that BANGS has helped start many successful businesses.  The company’s slogan, “Your adventure helps others find theirs,” is a perfect description of how buying a pair of BANGS can help someone from across the world begin their adventure of creating a business.  BANGS has invested in 700 hand-picked entrepreneurs from 63 different countries.  

BANGS has also started an Ambassador Program that gives customers and social media followers the opportunity to help spread the word of the company and be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Hannah explained, “Our Ambassador Program has gone from students who represent a shoe company, into a community of kindness, encouragement and positivity.”   The community aspect of the Ambassador Program is a big reason why so many people are inclined to join.  

So why are the shoes, themselves, such a bang?  They have all of the elements that make a perfect shoe: comfort, style, affordability and practicality.  The shoes were modeled after work boots used by many workers and farmers in China.  Their design allows them to be versatile in their uses.  They are great for many adventures such as, hiking, biking, exploring nature and so many other activities!

What started out as a simple shoe company has turned into a community focused on giving back, helping one another and spreading positivity.  “As much as I’d love to take credit for it, I have to credit the people who have joined our program and run with our slogan, ‘Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs,’” Hannah shared.

Shop the shoes at and remember #liveBANGS!