Which Earrings Are You? A quiz to guide you to selecting the perfect earrings this season

From oversized hoops to fringes down to the shoulder, the season’s hottest accessory is big earrings. They’re spunky, chunky and super funky, so investing in a pair will certainly complement every outfit you own. The real question: which pair will accentuate your personality most? Take our quiz to decide which earrings best fit you!

  1. You’re going on a first date and have to decide what to wear. You choose:
    1. A cozy sweater dress to show you’re fun and flirty
    2. Shorts, oversized Jean jacket and over-the-knee boots to show your edgy side
    3. A sweater, fringe jeans and embroidered booties to show your date you’re a trendsetter
    4. An off-the-shoulder shirt with bell sleeves, skinny jeans and strappy heels to show off you feminine side
  2. You have a job interview and have to pick a professional ensemble but still want to show your personality. You choose:
    1. A matching blazer and skirt with pumps and a chunky necklace to show you’re professional and ready to work.
    2. Leather pants paired with a blazer to show you have a good mix of work and play
    3. A shin-length tulle skirt paired with a blouse and blush pointy-toe mules to show you are up to date on trends AND the latest news in your industry
    4. A lace, shin-length dress paired with pointy-toe flats to show off your feminine side and that you’re ready to work toward gender equality in the work place
  3. It’s Friday night, and your weekend begins (TGIF!). What would most likely be your plans for the evening?
    1. A romantic evening spent next to the fire with your honey
    2. A night out at the club with your cool and wild friends
    3. A dinner with friends at the new trendy restaurant in town
    4. You start the night out with a nail appointment and then hit the mall
  4. You’re going to see a movie and check to see what’s playing. You’re most likely to choose:
    1. A romantic comedy starring Hollywood’s hottest hunks
    2. A horror or thriller movie since you love suspense and being on the edge of your seat
    3. An indie movie created by Hollywood’s newest up-and-coming director
    4. A heart-felt girl empowering movie
  • Mostly 1s

Studs. You’re a classic romantic with sophisticated style. You like to keep your personal style classy and tasteful. You love stud earrings of all sizes from pearls to chunky diamonds. You can easily pair studs with big necklaces and bracelets. They’re the perfect earring for any outfit.

  • Mostly 2s

Hoops. You’re an adventure-seeking gal who loves to live life on the edge. Your style reflects this, and you love leather, band t-shirts and denim. Chunky hoops pair perfectly with everything in your closet. You like most hoop styles, but the bigger the better. Hoops are a must-have staple in your closet.

  • Mostly 3s

Ball Drop Earrings. You’re a trendsetter who is always up to date on what is happening in the fashion world. You always pick fun, unique outfits that show off your personality and keen fashion sense. You know that big earrings are all the rage this season, so you always accessorize accordingly.

  • Mostly 4s

Fringe Earrings. You’re a girly girl who loves feminine clothing and accessories. You love to have fresh hair and nails to go along with your impeccable style. You’re all about girl power and backing up your fellow females. Fringe earrings accentuate your feminine style and personality and make you stand out in a crowd.