Mother Knows Best: Your Mom’s Jeans Are Making A Comeback

Out with the old, in with the … older. Denim trends are evolving and our mom’s vintage jeans are making a comeback. Mom jeans have replaced the skinny jeans in stores and are no longer just a fad. VALLEY thinks the mom jeans are here to stay.

This was the year of trend denim. From two-toned to flared to baggy boyfriend to mom jeans, and it looks like “mom” jeans may be the new staple to your wardrobe.

From straight legged to flared here are our favorite looks for the vintage inspired jean.


If you’re going for the true throwback look, VALLEY suggests checking out Goodwill or a thrift store, where you can actually find someone’s mom’s jeans. At such an inexpensive price, these jeans are ready for some TLC and renovation. These jeans will 100% be one of a kind, which makes them pretty unique. If they’re not exactly the right size, add a double buckle belt for support and style.


Levi’s is the epitome of vintage jeans. Levi’s, being the original jean company, makes all different styles of jeans in different washes that are retrospective of many different eras. Your mom may even have some Levi jeans that would truly be “mom” jeans. Or if you’re in the market for a new pair that looks old, we love this twist on an old classic. Pair these with your favorite Converse for a retro look.


BDG is Urban Outfitters’ jean line, and they have a large variety of styles, cuts and washes. Basically, they have every type of jean one could ever hope for. If you’re looking for the classic mom jean look, BDG has got you covered. They’re simple yet totally adaptable to any outfit. Going for a ’90s vibe? Pair with a spaghetti strap crop for that Rachel Green, 90s chic look.

Top Shop

Our other favorite brand for jeans is Top Shop’s denim line. Again, this line has a huge selection of styles and cuts. They have everything from skinny jeans to flared jeans and everything in between. We love their authentic mom jeans. They’re very versatile jeans that can easily be styled and adapted to your own style. Their mom jeans are high-waisted with a vintage wash. Upgrade any outfit with these classic jeans.

Penn State senior Olivia Shipley says mom jeans have become a staple in her wardrobe.

“Mom jeans are fun because you can wear them for any occasion,” says Shipley. “You can dress them up and wear them out or wear them for a simple dinner with your family.”

Wear them to class, to the bars or a family function. Wherever you wear them and however you style them, we’re confident it’ll be mom approved!


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