Six Things To Know Before Getting Your Nose Pierced

There are a lot of thoughts and decisions that go along with getting a piercing. Where should you get it? What kind of piercing do you want? What styles are in right now? Many people want a nose piercing in college, but fear to take the courageous leap.

It doesn’t hurt as much as expected … when you get the piercing that is

Seriously! Think about a small pinch and that’s basically the feeling. Don’t be alarmed if you shed a tear from the shock though — it’s totally normal. That being said, it will be painful after, especially if someone hits your nose accidentally.

There are some materials that cause allergies

There’s a range of factors that can cause reactions to nose piercings, but a bigger factor tends to be the type of material the jewelry is made of. Avoid sterling silver or plastic/nylon; instead, make sure your nose ring is made of one of the following materials: titanium, surgical stainless steel, niobium or gold. These are the most common among other body piercings.

There are so many types of nose jewelry

So many to choose from, so many styles to take in! The nose piercing offers a few different places to pierce. There is obviously the classic nostril that is common these days, complemented by a nose ring or stud. The nostril accommodates the most types of jewelry as well. You could also go with the septum, bridge, vertical tip and septril to change it up!

Cleaning it feels like knives in your nose at first

Like any other piercing, a nose piercing is going to hurt when you first clean it. However, attempting to clean the inside is the tricky part because of the sensitive skin area. Don’t be alarmed if it still hurts after a few months. In the meantime, while it still hurts, the best way to clean the area is to use a Q-tip with saline solution to eliminate any unneeded force on the area.

Relearning how to blow your nose is a learning process

… and the process is a difficult one. It is going to hurt a lot at first, but remember that it will soon get better and you will, in fact, get used to it. Be as gentle as possible and know it takes longer to heal than your standard ear piercing.

People will ask about it

People are going to comment on your nose piercing … probably a lot. You have so many choices to make the piercing truly yours — be proud and show it off confidently!


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