Finally, No-Fuss Ear Jewelry

Every week seems to be a long week of classes and exams. Come Friday night, most of us are ready to get dolled up and get partying. After all, wearing leggings and a sweatshirt can get pretty boring after a week straight. Comfy is always good, but you’ve got to have some fun once in a while.

Admit it, dressing up with your friends before going out is half the fun. The dress or
skirt you decide to rock is of course the biggest part of your outfit, and let us not forget the all-too-important shoes. While these aspects of your going-out look are the most noticeable at a glance, the jewelry you put on can have the power to pull your entire outfit together and give you a boost of confidence.

The newest and hottest jewelry trend is piercing-less ear bling. Why is this the best  trend ever?

A few reasons:

1. The most obvious reason: It’s painless. While having a needle poke through your ear is great and all, sliding on a cute ear cuff in a place where you don’t actually have a piercing is a whole lot easier. Can we all agree that looking good is a lot more enjoyable when there isn’t pain involved?

2. It’s cheaper. Getting an ear piercing can cost up to $50 at some tattoo parlors, plus the cost of the jewelry and ear cleaning supplies. Why not get an awesome ear hanger from Urban Outfitters for $16 instead? It’s much easier on the pocket and doesn’t take nearly as much work as a piercing.

3. With piercings come infections and allergic reactions. If you have sensitive ears, piercing- less ear jewelry is the way to go. Heavy earrings can drag your ear down and make them annoyingly sore. Ear cuffs and hangers aren’t heavy and they stay securely on the ear just like a regular earring. Dance all you want, your ears won’t be hurtin’!

4. Finally, they’re absolutely awesome looking. Having some obscure yet cool bling on one ear will catch people’s eyes, especially if you decide to sport an ear chain that connects to another piercing, which you can find at Access on Beaver Avenue. If you think the chain is a little too intense for you, just go for the small, but pretty cuff.

If your jewelry collection needs a mix-up, going with piercing-less ear jewelry is a
smart decision. The littlest addition to your look could be the one that gives you that extra edge.

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