The Perfect Gift for the Not So Super Close Friend

Obrien_giftsforroommatesBuying gifts for your closest friends is relatively easy, but when you aren’t super close with your roommates or have to do a Secret Santa with someone in your org, buying a good, cheap gift can be hard. Don’t worry – let Valley help you find the best gift for any situation!

Bath and Body Works set

Bath and Body has this amazing sale a few times a year where you buy three products and get three for free. Grab a holiday scented lotion and a matching shower gel for your giftee, and grab a few things for yourself while you’re there. Think of it this way – you’re technically not paying for a gift.

Stuffed animals

If you’re really stumped, buying a cheap and tiny stuffed animal is a cute gift to give someone. McLanahan’s has a ton of Penn State ones or you can go to Animal Kingdom to pick up something else.

Gift cards

While they’re usually used a last resort, giving someone a $10 gift card to their favorite establishment is a win-win. Coffee lover? Starbucks. Do they love their greasy late night food on Friday or Saturdays? McDonald’s. Walmart and Sam’s Club have cards for other establishments, too.

Pair any of these with a cute holiday bag and tissue paper and you’ll be set for the holidays!

Photo by Alex O’Brien


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