Valley’s Final Exam Study Tips

With finals week rapidly approaching, it can be very tricky to juggle classes and study for each one effectively. Studying can be a tricky thing, with most of us either doing the bare minimum, or not studying at all. Valley compiled a few studying tips that will maximize your time and provide you with ways to make studying less painful.

1. Find out when each of your exams are and write them down

Having a calendar is a very important thing to have, especially during finals week. Writing your schedule of exams down can help you mentally prepare for when they are, and how much time you have to study for them.

2. Utilize everything your professor provides you with

If your professor gives you guidelines for their final exam, or a study guide with notes, use it! Go through their notes and pick out things you aren’t very familiar with. Start with the hardest material and work your way to the easier stuff.

3. Create a study guide

Study guides don’t work for all people, but for some, a study guide can be essential to studying effectively. If you are going to make a study guide, write it free hand—don’t use a computer.

4. Use Notecards to quiz yourself

Notecards are an excellent way to test yourself on information you don’t know.

“The most effective way I study is to make a series of notecards, after I finish writing these out, I try to connect the notecards that relate to each other and why. you’re seeing the broader connections of the class and understanding it better,” says Christopher Valesey, a graduate History student at Penn State.

5. Study for short amounts of time with breaks in between

Studies have proven it is more efficient to study in 30 minute increments to retain information better. Studying for long periods of time can leave you feeling tired and unable to concentrate. Studying for shorter amounts of time allows your brain to digest the information better by keeping it refreshed and alert.

6. Reward yourself

A good way to motivate yourself to study is to reward yourself with a treat. You can’t have a goal without having some kind of reward at the end of it! Buy yourself some ice cream, or get a massage. You deserve it after all the hard work you put in for finals week.

Final tips for concentration:

– Listen to classical music.

– Separate yourself from any distractions, this includes phones and other electronics.

– Don’t study in your room. Study in a library, coffee shop or other public place.

– Avoid using your laptop to study.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely pass all of your exams with flying colors. Good luck!