Channel Your Inner Disney Princess for Finals Week

IMG_5642-2 If there was a guide written about how to master finals in the same detailed structure that Cosmo puts out on how to master the perfect winged liner without looking like a scary raccoon, there would be no doubt that Valley would have those how-to steps signed, sealed and delivered to anyone in need. But while that’s in the works, you can get help from another group of boss females that can make sure you are in good hands.

These females are a part of a group that you probably grew up on, kept posters of and made sure that on the first day of your elementary days, were plastered on your backpack. Disney Princesses have been one of the essential role models for the majority of little girls. Whether it is sang in the shower or a quick sneak-peek while babysitting, you cannot help but to reminisce about these females and their epic journeys.

Fast forward ten years; the admiration is still there but now the princesses can be more than just a pretty face on a backpack or poster. Finals week is approaching and with the help from a few of these princesses, we can make sure that you know all the ropes to succeed during this week.

Snow White

Look at Snow White’s stepmother, The Evil Queen Grimhilde, as the jealous final that just wants to take all of your energy from the previous three and a half months and condense it into one week. Instead of stumbling into seven dwarfs, stumble into a good sleeping pattern that will enable you wake up and conquer finals week without having to wait for a prince to be the one to wake you up. Getting enough rest is important in order to have energy for this intense week. If you want to do well, you need to make sure that you are awake to do so!


Staying hydrated and getting proper nutrition in your system is a key point to remember during finals week. Take it from Ariel, The Little Mermaid, who is practically the most hydrated princess in the bunch. Being a princess under King Triton, Ariel still found a way to be independent and a dreamer when trying to accomplish her goals as a human. Go into finals with balanced meals filled with nourishment and lots of water so that you can have a stable mindset to conquer your dreams of passing into the next world (aka post-graduation).


Mulan is not just your average princess—she is a warrior. Finals week is stressful and intimidating when others who do well surround you. The great thing to learn from this particular princess is that she wasn’t your usual delicate and proper girl that her culture wanted her to be. You don’t have to get straight A’s or 100% on all your papers, but you do want to make sure that you develop a strong mindset as seen in Mulan in order to succeed.


Study habits are just as important in preparation to do well for finals week. Take notes from the soul-signing princess from New Orleans, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. Even if singing doesn’t come as naturally for you as it does for Tiana, use it as a fun way of memorizing key terms and names for your test. Finding fun and easy ways, such as singing flash cards or making up riddles, to study can be helpful when trying to understand the material better. Finals week is stressful enough, so use this as a stress reliever when in preparation.


Being the new one in the crowd, this princess can be viewed as the freshmen. Anna, from the movie Frozen, is a young positive princess who wants to reconnect with her sister just as upperclassmen want to reconnect with theit good study habits and freshmen should want to tackle those habits as well. Take Anna’s approach on this quest and remain positive. Freshmen are new to finals week and may not know what to expect. So the best way is to remain fresh and energetic and always have a positive attitude to do well.

Depending on what type of person you are, these Disney princesses can be your alter egos during finals week. From resting your body and feeding it with proper nutrition, to even singing your way with awesome study tips, finding what works for you is what really matters so that you can come out not only a princess, but someone who gave it their all and tried their very best.

Good luck!

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