Things to Remember While Watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

photo-28 As the saying goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! This time, I’m not referring to Christmas or Hanukkah or even New Years. No my friends, I’m referring to the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the fashion show happens once a year in early December. This year, it will air on Tuesday, December 9th. And, as you may have guessed, the show pretty much consists of stunningly beautiful, half-naked models, strutting the runway in all  their glory.

While this is purely for entertainment, watching the fashion show tends to bring out quite a few thoughts in the head of the average American woman. With the show just days away, your friends here at Valley are here to remind you of a few important things to keep in mind while watching.

They Chose the Most Beautiful Girls on the Planet

The Victoria’s Secret “Angels” are not your average runway models – those in charge select the most beautiful and physically fit women in the world. These women are gorgeous, but they are NOT the average standard of beauty. While you watch, keep that in mind.

They Go Through a Ton of Prep

Not only do these ladies eat clean and work out for months prior to the show, they also have very strict pre-show rituals. Every inch of their bodies are manicured, tanned, and groomed before the big day. Contrary to Beyonce’s words, they did not “wake up like this”

The Show is Not Live

In a world with such ridiculous standards of beauty, even the Victoria’s Secret Angels are not “good enough” without retouching and airbrushing. The show is not live. It was taped last week and before it airs, the creators make sure that they edit every scene and every woman.

It’s Purely for Entertainment!

Admittedly, the Fashion Show is fun to watch! As a major feminist, my friends and family expect me to shy away from anything that objectifies women and perpetuates a false standard of beauty. While all of this is true, it is important to tune in with the sole purpose of entertainment. Comparing yourself to these women or believing that this standard of beauty is the norm is honestly stupid. Just watch it, admire the outfits, and listen to Taylor Swift as she performs on the runway.

So gather up your girlfriends, order some Pizza, and tune in on December 9th to the most overrated yet ridiculously entertaining Fashion Show of the year!

Photo by Kristen Robertson

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