Best Movies to Watch This Thanksgiving

Photo by Skylar Yuen

Thanksgiving is a culture all it’s own – we eat and we drink and we laugh the day away with our friends and families. But once the stuffing has got you stuffed and the couch is calling your name, the only thing left to do is gather around with your loved ones and watch some good ole Thanksgiving movies. In need of some suggestions this year? You came to the right place!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Steve Martin stars in this John Hughes classic as a man trying to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner. An unlikely partnership sparks up between the two main characters, and the rest makes for a funny and heartfelt story. A perfect film for a lazy night.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

No, it may not be a movie, but the Emmy-winning TV special is absolutely classic. Bound to be running all night, it’s a great reason to take a trip back to 1973 and enjoy Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown and his crew.


I am not kidding, this is actually a real thing. An “evil turkey” is on the hunt and takes no mercy on a group of teenagers who have 0 acting skills whatsoever. The trailer was absolutely ridiculous, but if you’re in for a good laugh and a reason to make your jaw drop, you may want to check this one out.

A Christmas Story

The classic to end all classics. If you’re over the Thanksgiving bug, bring the winter holidays to your home early. As the most popular Christmas movie, this one is bound to be running on Thanksgiving evening and get you in the holiday spirit.


With Thanksgiving looming, be sure to count your blessings (including the fact that you have fat pants ready for the big meal) and appreciate your family. Eat, drink, laugh and when you’re too full to function, curl up on the couch with the watch a good flick.

Photo by Skylar Yuen

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