Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend


If you’re seeking the perfect holiday gift for your girlfriend but are overwhelmed by crowded malls and brands you can’t pronounce, don’t stress.

Valley wants to help.

“I’m convinced that I have a better chance at correctly defusing a bomb than getting her a present she actually likes,” says senior economics major Ben Adejala.

Shopping for women is no doubt tricky. With a girl’s taste and preferences changing at any given moment, it’s no easy task selecting the perfect gift. But every girl is different and just wants to see some thought put into her gift more than anything else. So, if you know what kind of girl you’re shopping for, here are some ideas to ease the process.

If your girlfriend is…


If she plays a sport or simply is a fitness addict, your girlfriend will probably always gratefully accept athletic wear. If she keeps up with trendy brands, try a Lululemon tank or maybe Nike running shoes. She will see that you know her interests and maybe even have bought her something she would have bought herself.


If your girlfriend likes pictures, either taking them or painting them, we’ve got you covered. So her camera is glued to her hands? Look into a nice camera bag (leather, if your budget allows). It will protect her camera while she carries it from place to place, letting her be ready for any sudden photo opportunity. If she’s more a painter than a photographer, new paints or brushes (or both!) wouldn’t go unused. She will appreciate that you didn’t just buy a non-specific piece of jewelry and call it a day.

Party animal

Girls just wanna have fun…at least your girl does. She loves to party and have a good time, but what to buy her? If she’s 21, let her know you want her to have fun with her girl friends by funding one of their wine nights. Invest in a nice set of (maybe even personalized) wine glasses and a bottle or two of her favorite wine. She (and her friends) will thank you.

Music lover

So, your girlfriend loves music. She probably already owns the albums of all her favorite artists, but has she seen them live? Figure out which one of her favorite singers or bands she hasn’t seen in concert yet and look for tickets to their show. It’s something you can do together and will give her memories to last a lifetime.

Yes, shopping for girls can be challenging due to countless stores and endless products. But, using your girlfriend’s specific personality and interests as a guide, you’ll be walking out with the perfect gift in no time.

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