21 Things to do When You’re Not 21

Being the youngest one in your friend group can have its perks — being the baby of the group, having designated chauffeurs when everyone got their licenses and more. But, it doesn’t take long to realize that the perks are outweighed by one, tragic fact — you will be the last to turn 21. The struggles of being 20 are real, and as your friends embark on their journey to the bars and leave you at home to rot, you have no choice but to find a backup plan. Valley came up with a list of things to do so that you can have a little fun without going to the bars.


1. Cry a little about the fact all your friends are 21.

2. Beg your friends to stay home with you.

3. Get over the fact that all your friends are 21.

4. Have a movie marathon with your under 21 friends.

5. Create a killer playlist on Spotify.

6. Think about how much money you are saving by not going to the bars.

7. Finish a series on Netflix.

8. Frolic around fratland.

9. Find a random club sport’s or organization’s party to crash.

10. Read a book.

11. Online shop.

12. Try a new recipe.

13. Go out with a different group than your usual crew.

14. Find a hobby.

15. Spa night (nails, face mask, etc.) Here is some help from Valley!

16. Catch up on the work you’ve been procrastinating.

17. Do some spring cleaning and go through old clothes.

18. Read Valley Magazine.

19. Do a DIY from Pinterest.

20. Go to the gym or complete a quick workout.

21. Be a good friend and stay up to help your friends when they get home from the bar, because you know they’ll do the same for you when it’s your time.

Even though these ideas may not compare to going to the bars with your friends, doing something productive and fun is still better than wallowing in your underage-ness. Your time will come and when it does everyone will be old enough to celebrate!


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