The Tribulations of Being Twenty

Being 20 is pretty cool. Your age finally doesn’t end in a “teen,” you’re most likely in your third year of college, getting your life together and starting to really feel like an adult. There’s just one big problem with being 20 — you’re not 21.

For some of us less fortunate, younger souls, it seems we spend our time being 20 far longer than our friends. Before we know it, all of our friends are out at the bars and we’re standing next to the punch bowl wondering when everything changed. Anyone who’s the last to turn 21 in their friend group knows these emotions are all too real.



One day you’re all scavenging for house parties together when suddenly everyone’s at the bars, and you’re left to fend for yourself. You can’t even remember the friends you’ve made along the way that you know won’t be 21 for awhile. In this parallel universe we create in our minds, everyone is 21 and we are forever alone.



Any time you and your friends go out somewhere, this look is basically painted on your face when they remind you, “you’ll be 21 soon!” Meanwhile all you can think about is the margarita fishbowls their downing and (not so) secretly wishing to be one of the cool 21 year olds.


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Even worse than not being able to drink when out with your friends is when your friends can’t drink because they’re out with you. Certain states have laws that prohibit alcohol at a table with anyone under the age of 21, and guess what? That’s you! However, there’s nothing you can do about it and that often leads to intense frustration.


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“Honestly I’m glad I can’t get into bars… I’m saving so much money” and “At least I wont be hungover tomorrow morning” are lines you’ve said over and over again, hoping the next time you’ll actually believe it. You know its not true, your friends know its not true; you’re not fooling anyone.

Total Dependency


You’re super dependent on your slightly older friends and it shows. If your friends aren’t drinking, odds are you aren’t either, so put on your sweatpants, start up Netflix and count down the days until you’ll finally be able to join in on the fun.

There is, however, one majorly cool thing about being the youngest of your friend group. Believe it or not, your friends have missed partying with you. So, when the awaited day of your 21st birthday finally comes, it is sure to be a good time. Also, since you’re last, everyone and their mothers come out with you for the big day when you can finally say:

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