Staying Sane During Finals Week

Ah, winter break is just around the corner. As the fall semester quickly comes to a bittersweet end, there is a single phrase that haunts every Penn State student in their nightmares. One phrase and a mere two words are enough to put our peers into a dreadful panic.

Finals week.

Unfortunately for most, it is a time of stress and long nights confined to the walls of the stacks, but with VALLEY’s tips, it doesn’t have to be. Grab your pencils, textbooks and laptop, and get ready to learn some advice that will keep you sane amidst these hectic times.

Take Some “Me” Time

After hours of tearing through textbooks, writing notes and highlighting every possible vocabulary word, you may feel like your brain is about to explode. Yet, the pressure to continue is overbearing. This is the time where you need to close your computer screen and take a well-needed break. Go on a walk to get those endorphins released! Or, grab your favorite snack for a little movie. It may seem like a waste of time in light of the upcoming exams but taking that needed step back will help the studying. Research has proven that one can only optimally study for about 30 minutes at a time. So, in order for your brain to perform at its best, close your laptop screen and decide what hobby is best for you.

Start Studying Early
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Procrastination is a college student’s worst enemy, and everyone has fallen victim to its ways. Why spend time on an excruciating project or study session when you could push it to later? With that sentiment, students end up scrambling at the last minute to cram a whole semester of knowledge into their brains two hours before the test.

How do you avoid that stressful scramble? Start gathering notes a few weeks before finals week. Go over your textbooks and highlight any points that are confusing. It seems like something only an overachiever will do, but it is a great way to avoid added stress during an already stressful time.

Practice Wellness and Good Hygiene

When finals week rolls around, students often forget their routines and self-care habits in lieu of study sessions and reviews. When schedules starts piling up, students begin neglecting their health. However, in order to maintain mental wellness, it is crucial to continue practicing basic exercise and hygiene. This includes walks, maybe some light yoga, sleep (crucial!!), brush your teeth in the morning, shower, do your skincare routine and definitely don’t skip any meals. Your schedule will keep you feeling good and confident before you take your test.

Use That Calendar

With so many things being added onto your schedule, it is so important to keep tabs on what you need to be doing and where you need to be. Take out that academic journal that you bought at the start of the semester and start marking slots of time for study sessions and breaks. It may seem tedious in the moment, but seeing your schedule on paper and checking things off as you complete them will alleviate pressure off of your shoulders.

Dreading finals? Use some of these tips to stay sane. The most difficult week of the school year is almost done; you got this. Tweet or tag us @VALLEYmag using some of these tips.


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