Finals Week is Coming…

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With finals week quickly approaching, studying season is in full swing here at Penn State. VALLEY spoke with students from various years and majors to find out how different students are preparing for their dreaded exams.

Freshmen have never experienced a finals week at Penn State, but that’s not to say they are slacking on the studying.

Will Adams, a freshman studying theatre studies, has only one final to prepare for. However, his area of expertise is not what he will be tested on.

“I’m taking Italian as my foreign language, and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as some might think,” Adams said.

Adams wasted no time in starting a study group with a few classmates in his Italian class. He plans to meet with the group a few times before the final to go over all their combined notes and quiz each other on the class material.

Study groups aren’t for everyone, but Adams’ belief is, “the more brains, the better.”

Jess Johnson, a sophomore biobehavioral health major, also finds that studying with others is beneficial.

“I like to talk out loud when I’m studying,” Johnson said. “If I can teach someone else the material, that helps me the most.”

With six finals to prepare for, Johnson says she’ll be spending a lot of time in the library these next few weeks.

“I love studying in the stacks,” Johnson said. “It’s quiet and secluded so I can focus really well.”

Unlike Johnson, Loren Iannuicci, a junior studying finance, won’t be leaving the comfort of her room to study.

“I’m not good at studying in public places,” Iannucci said. “I get too distracted.”

Iannuici’s study strategy is to watch the review videos provided by her professors and take as many notes as possible. “I feel like when I write things down, I remember them a lot better,” Iannuicci says.

Some students lucked out with open notes exams this finals season. Darin Goldstein, a senior math major, already has a plan of attack to ace his final.

“I get to take these next few weeks to prepare all the materials I’ll need during the exam,” Goldstein said. “I’m taking full advantage of this open notes format.”

Evidently, there is no single correct way to study for final exams. It is important to use the techniques that work best for you. We wish everyone good luck on their exams, and we encourage you all to remember that one final does not make or break your college career. Get your sleep, and don’t stress yourself out too much.


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