Survival Guide to The End of Semester Blues

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Summer is just around the corner, which means sunshine and smiles, but it also means going back to your hometown and missing State College. Living in two different places, having to adjust back and forth between locations, can be hard, especially considering that most likely, the dynamics of your hometown versus your college town are very different. Here’s how VALLEY recommends you handle the switch.

Capitalize on Your Time

First and foremost, enjoy your last few weeks here at school. There are many fun events and things planned to make the last two weeks before finals some of the best of the year. The Blue-White game, Movin’ On (with king Jack Harlow himself) and senior week. Living in the moment and taking advantage of still being here while you can will help you to feel like you really seized the moment and lived your college life to fullest, especially if you are graduating.

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Seize the Summer

Next, do what you need to do to make summer as fun as possible. Now that we are college students, summer mainly means working, whether that means at your high school job or an internship, or maybe even a fulltime gig. Let’s be honest, no one wants to work, but reminding yourself of the money coming in and keeping yourself busy is a really good way to go throughout your summers at home.

This isn’t to say your hometown is not fun, but the nightlife at Penn State is consistently well-ranked for top party schools, which is easy to get caught up in. Going home provides a good time to unwind from the year and take some time off, both from going out and schoolwork. We all know that binge drinking, alcoholism and just partying in general is really normalized in college. Partying is great when it’s done correctly, which is why breaks like these are nice. Time to relax, go to bed early, and not spend money every weekend on a round of drinks.

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Finish Strong

Lastly, remember that the best is yet to come. A new summer means a new beginning. If you are returning to State College after the season, it’s time to start manifesting a good year. Get your head on straight, set your schedule and get excited for another year in Happy Valley. If you are entering the real world, don’t be scared! Fun does not have to stop after college. Post grad has all the potential to be even better than your last four years. Life is all about adjusting, whether that means adjusting back to your hometown after having been gone, or adjusting to a new, adult life. Change is hard, but its efficient and necessary. Enjoy these last few weeks of classes, good luck on your finals and let @VALLEYmag on twitter know your upcoming summer plans.


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