The Constant “I Have Nothing To Wear” Dilemma

Valley is sure you’ve opened up your closet along with every draw in your room and thought, “Wow, I have nothing to wear.” This usually happens around the change of a season because you forget what clothes you have from last year. This dilemma seems to come at the worst times, too, like when you’re rushing in the morning to head to class or late for a party.

Find Your Style

While sometimes you may really be short on clothes, most of the time you’re just not seeing your wardrobe correctly. One of the best tips for avoiding that last-minute “nothing to wear” dilemma is to always have a few pieces to fall back on.  Some of us look our best in a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a leather jacket. Others like a casual sundress paired with booties. Whatever it may be, discover your style aesthetic and run with it. It will be easier to pick out the pieces that would work in a haste when you know what you like most and what looks best.

Organizing Your Closet by Season

This is a great way to keep track of what you have and know what pieces work together. A closet trick that Valley loves to do is hang all jeans in one easy-to-see location in the closet because it helps us remember to rotate the pairs we wear. Also, if your really rushed, you can always just throw a pair on with any top, and you know it will look good.

Do Your Laundry Regularly

Another thing to keep in mind is that you really will be lacking clothes if you don’t do your laundry regularly. While it is an annoying task, doing your laundry once a week helps declutter your room and assures you that you always have your most-worn clothing items ready to wear again.

Finding your style, keeping your clothes clean and your closet organized are a few easy ways to avoid the “nothing to wear” dilemma, especially around the change of the season. Think about what you look best in, and if you really need a few more pieces to add to your wardrobe, head out and get clothes that can work for many outfits and occasions. More often than not, though, feeling like you have no clothes is a result of being unable to see how much you really have in front of you.