Staff Pick Of The Week: VSCO

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The best photo editing app for a variety of styles, photos and cameras is VSCO by Visual Supply Company. The company boasts an app and website where you can scroll through a feed of some of the most creative and beautiful images, quotes and other sorts of inspiration while also editing and posting your own content. VSCO is self-proclaimed as “the beautifully simple camera app” and “a community for expression.”

Get the App

You can download the VSCO app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you will find the opportunity to upload your own images to edit with countless built-in filters, along with a slew of others that you can purchase within the app. The “community” aspect of the app comes in the form of your own feed, where you can post photos you edit or repost your favorite photos by other users. VSCO generates it’s own feed and posts different users’ content as part of their personal “collection.”

Why It’s Great

Unlike Instagram, VSCO focuses their app around content by not allowing users to see how many followers or likes people have on their pictures. It’s apparent that every feed has a different style, and it’s amazing to see how differently people portray their photography based on their own preferences. Filter choice, lighting and focus are just a few of the major differences among users’ feeds. VALLEY chose some of the most artistically expressive feeds for you to scroll through and enjoy!


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