Everybody Needs a Chelsea Boot

Photo by Jess Cartwright

Shoes can be the perfect way to make a drab outfit look fab in seconds. Sneakers, heels, and everything else should be treated like an accessory. If your feet could speak, your shoes would represent what they would say. The one type of shoe everybody should have is a Chelsea style boot. They are one of the most versatile styles to have and life just seems better with them.

Chelsea boots are cut at the ankle and are usually made from leather or faux leather material. They are super classy, yet you can wear them with jeans or leggings. You can wear them to just about any place, except the gym.

This shoe is the quintessential cool girl boot. NYC fashion week attendees can be seen sporting them at shows and events. The shoe is sleek and unisex. It is popular among men and women because of it’s versatility. In fact, even the fashion icon and artist himself, Kanye West, has been seen wearing suede Chelsea boots repeatedly. Whether you want a cheap pair or a high end one, brands all across the board have what you’re looking for.

High Quality

You can get a pair from high to low end brands. This Burberry pair is high in price and quality. They have a grainy leather texture that makes them look worn and vintage. Get them in black to wear with any outfit.


If you are looking for a more rustic look, then this pair from Urban Outfitters is perfect. They are a suede material with a low heel. You can get them in a variety of colors, but check out the light brown for a western edge or the pink for a pop of color.


And if you need a pair that can stand up to the State College rain, try this pair by Sam Edelman . These boots allow you to be stylish no matter what the weather is. For an edgy look, try the matte grey color with ripped, frayed jeans.

Chelsea boots are a must have for the girl looking for ease and comfort, while making a fashionable statement. They’ll be your new slip on and go shoe and we promise they won’t disappoint.