Making The Most Out Of Monday

Monday might not be your favorite day of the week, but we want to show you how it could be — or just be a little less dreadful. Most associate Mondays with a new beginning to the school or work week — aka the mini Netflix marathon and the revised sleep schedule with no alarms temporarily come to a halt. With the mourning of the end of the weekend taking over Mondays, most fail to realize the positives that instead could be happening everywhere you look. VALLEY sees the good in Mondays and we want you to see it too!

Little Things Add Up

Whether your commute involves sitting on a crowded bus, driving bumper to bumper, or walking within a never ending sea of students, agitations of your routine travels to class can easily heighten the already unpleasant Monday. With a change in perspective, your once agitated Monday commute can become a new favorite part of your day.

Instead of filling up this time complaining to yourself or to your friends, take this time to learn something new. There are several skills you can learn in 10 minutes — the perfect amount of time to occupy your morning commute. Learning to speed read, change a flat tire, identify the freshest fruits, how to unsend emails in Gmail and teach yourself to fall asleep faster all can be taught in 10 minutes through YouTube videos, podcasts and articles.

If this isn’t for you, catch up on the book you’ve been putting off reading, listen to the new album that just came out, or return back to basics and look up from your phone and simply embrace your surroundings.

Small Acts, Big Impact

Be nice to others. It’s a very simple statement, but one that can go a very long way. Mondays can be rough for others too and we sometimes forget about that. A simple act of kindness, like holding open the door for someone, buying a friend’s coffee, or even smiling at a stranger in passing, can brighten their day and yours, too! It’s a two-for-one deal that can have a domino effect.


Switching It Up

Instead of waiting until Friday or the weekend, do an activity usually designated to those days on Monday. Drive to a restaurant and get dinner with friends, go downtown to do some damage to your credit card, or have a game night in! Mixing up your Mondays with a little taste of weekend activities can make your Monday a little more positive and a little less of a bummer.

Remember To Breathe

Take some time to reflect on your successes. A part of the unpleasant aura that can surround Mondays is the overwhelming feeling you get when you see the amount of work the week has so kindly planned for. Instead of letting this feeling take over, remind yourself of your past accomplishments. Realizing how far you’ve come and what you have already achieved can make any Monday seem like a piece of cake.


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