The Do’s of a Canning Weekend

Update—Sept. 25, 2015: The first canning weekend for THON 2016 is here! Read about these tips from the past that are still applicable today.

In less than a week, most of Penn State will empty out to begin canning for THON 2014. Students have not been canning since last fall, so it is time for a little refresher to get us pumped up and be safe.

Do make new friends

Don’t be afraid to go on a trip with people you aren’t best friends with. By the end of the trip, you’ll be more than happy that you tried something new. You can never have enough friends, and canning trips are the perfect opportunity to spend time with people you already have something in common with.

Do speak up if you are not comfortable in a situation

Canning weekends mean driving far distances to raise money in other communities. If you do not feel comfortable driving in a car full of people or with an irresponsible driver, then speak up. Tell your group leader ahead of time so that you are placed in a car you are comfortable with.

Do obtain permits for canning

Before leaving for the trip, you must contact the township or borough in which you will be canning. Always ask for permission instead of stating that you plan on canning there. As well, make sure you receive permits in the state and townships that require them. If you do not follow these important rules, your organization will be fined.

Do offer to help pay for gas

Whether the trip you are is two hours away in Pennsylvania, or 10 hours away in Chicago, it is necessary that everyone helps pay for gas. Just because certain people in your organization have their cars at school does not mean they are responsible for driving and paying for gas. Be courteous and offer a minimum of 10 dollars on the ride there and back.

Do look at the weather forecast

Standing outside all day in the sun, rain, snow or wind can really take a toll on you. Make sure you check the weather for the weekend before you leave and pack the correct attire. Once it starts getting colder, gloves, hand warmers, hats, and layers are a must.

Canning weekends are a ton of fun and an unbelievable way to help children beat cancer – as long as you are not putting yourself in danger.


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