Developing a Cooking Mindset

There’s a certain mindset one attains when cooking all the needed meals in a day. This can be related to self-reliance and conscious independence when reflecting on the self. Enabling yourself to cook with the ingredients you find not only boosts your confidence in your ability to create delicious flavors, but broadens the horizons of your mind’s known assortment of food combinations.

Strengthening your cooking mindset helps you stay away from the financial burden of constantly buying premade food in State College. As college students, it is easy to fall into the pattern of constantly buying meals because it feels like the most convenient and best choice. Not only is this an immense drain on the already low bank accounts we have as students, but the pattern of constantly buying food that is already prepared is a hard habit to kick. This can cause people to not believe in their cooking abilities, therefore enabling them to keep up the unsustainable habit of buying from restaurants.

The commonality of students who don’t tend to cook for themselves is partially due to a lack of the most basic resources needed to cook for yourself. In order to free yourself from the habit that digs down deeper into the money pit of buying premade food, you must start by buying the ingredients needed to cook for yourself.

Once you allow yourself to see the incredible amount of different ingredients found at the grocery store, food shopping can actually become something to look forward to. This is especially true when you go with a group of friends and work together to find the best foods within your price budget. You’ll find it is easiest to meet your weekly food budget when you buy all of your food for the week at once, which will put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on other responsibilities for the week. 

Once you and your friends get down the routine of going to the grocery store, you will then get closer to the perfection of a grocery list that fits your needs best. Once you are constantly bringing home the right amount and variety of groceries home, you will develop your own go-to meals that are far cheaper, at greater convenience and often more tasty than food you are used to constantly buying from restaurants. 

Once you start cooking for yourself, you will not only uncover the great potential you have as a lifetime cook but also boost your confidence in knowing you have the skills to properly budget food. This confidence in this part of your life can be contagious and inspire you to take hold of other practices in your life by strengthening your mindset in each practice.


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