Looking to Save? Try Your Groceries in a Box

For college students looking to save money, grocery shopping and cooking for oneself can be one of the easiest ways to do so. A recent cost comparison found that one can save an average of $16 per meal by eating in. With such a high potential for savings, why is it that we find ourselves in the Chipotle line after a long day of classes? Many point to time constraints and lack of cooking ability for frequent dining out, especially during the school year. If you’re looking for savings, but encounter these usual difficulties of cooking for yourself, there may be a solution for you. 

Grocery subscription boxes continue to grow in popularity and expand to accurate more preferences and dietary restrictions. While there are many subscription services are currently on the market, VALLEY is here to give you on the scoop on five popular boxes that suit varying dietary needs.

1. Home Chef
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Home Chef is known for quality ingredients and creative meal options, with an average price per meal at $9.95. Subscribers can choose from 16 dinner options each week and have the option to add on different lunch and snack options. Even better, most of the recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes.

2. Blue Apron 
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Blue Apron is renowned for its affordability, with plans starting at as low as $7 per meal. The service also has varying options available to subscribers, with signature, vegetarian and weight watchers services. While some claim cooking times can be longer than advertised, Blue Apron offers a wide variety of plans, all with sustainable, organic ingredients

3. Hello Fresh
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Hello fresh is yet another major name in grocery subscription boxes, with subscribers able to select from 20 meal options each week. Hello Fresh also has a price per meal at around $9. Hello Fresh is known for having more simplistic recipes, for those who may not be as adventurous in their food choices. 

4. Purple Carrot
Photo from foodnavigator-usa.com

For those looking for a subscription box with vegan food, look no further than Purple Carrot. Slightly more expensive than its competitors at $11.99 per portion, Purple Carrot is the only strictly vegan subscription service on the market. After signing up, subscribers take a quiz about their dietary preferences and then are sent a variety of recipes based on different global cuisines. 

5. Misfit Markets
Photo from misfitsmarket.com

Perhaps one of the most unique subscription boxes on the market, Misfits Market offers organic produce at discounted prices because it is deemed “ugly.” A small box sells for $19, averaging $1 per pound of produce as opposed to the grocery store average of $2.50. This box aims to reduce food waste, while helping customers save money. 

Regardless of food preferences and restrictions, there is likely a food subscription box out there for you. So, if you’re looking to save money, eat healthier or try out new recipes, one of these grocery services may be for you!


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