Phone Eats First: The Art of the Foodstagram

Remember the iPhone 3G commercials that rattled off a list of needs and proudly boasted, “There’s an app for that”?

With the technological advancement in the newest generation of iPhone – iPhone X – along with the apps themselves having been developed and updated endlessly since the days when people had to be reminded with catchy slogans to use them, VALLEY realized that those same slogans can be used to describe one of the most popular apps of all: Instagram.

Fitness blogs, daily puppy pictures, the same picture of Michael Cera every day, etc. There’s an Instagram page for every want imaginable. But the newest trend that’s steadily increasing in popularity comes with its own subdivisions. Looking to try some healthy new recipes for summer? Visiting a new city and not sure where to grab dinner? Dipping your toes into the vegetarian or vegan waters?

Fear not: there’s a foodstagram for that.

The trend has been slowly on the rise, but it seems that now more than ever we’re ditching Pinterest and individual websites in favor of insta. Maybe it’s the pure convenience of being able to follow all your favorite foodies in one place. But Instagram features like location tagging, posting multiple pictures as a photo set, video capability, stories and highlights make for the ultimate food blogging platform.

“I think it’s a great platform to show my pictures since everyone uses social media in this day and age,” says Lexi Ahmad, a junior majoring in journalism, who started her foodstagram @allmyfoodndrinks in January of 2017. “I made my food insta because I’ve always had an interest in food, whether it be cooking or going out to eat.”

The people behind the accounts have some common tricks: natural lighting, organic placement and the C1 filter on VSCO being few of many.

“[A trick] I have is using the same filters or combo of different contrasts and colors to make the food stand out and all be cohesive on my page, thus giving it an aesthetic,” Ahmad says.

Foodstagrams range in popularity, from small platforms shared between friends to Instagrammers like chef Jamie Oliver, whose food-centric profile has racked up 6.4 million followers.

“The focus of mine isn’t anything specific,” Ahmad says about her foodsta. “I post the food I eat when I go out to eat that I think would take good pictures. I recently added highlights to my page … to show food that that I didn’t think was ‘post’-worthy for the aesthetic but still wanted to share.”

Whether your role in the foodstagram game is that of a casual follower, a connoisseur or the face behind the next @new_fork_city, tweet us with who you’re following at @VALLEYmag.


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