Top 10 Foods of a Penn State Student

Graphic by Jessie Mayer

College students across the country have some pretty interesting diets, but Penn State students’ diets are perhaps even more unique than what you’d expect on a typical college campus. VALLEY compiled a list of the top 10 foods a Penn Stater eats throughout the course of a single week. Make sure you’ve tried them all!

10. McDonalds French Fries

Pretty much everyone has eaten their fair share of fries from the largest chain restaurant in the world, and after long night out, they’re a staple for Penn State students. Truly iconic in every way.

9. Au Bon Pain

VALLEY can’t even specify a food for ABP, and if you have ever seen the lunch line rush, then you know why. It’s everyone for themselves when it comes to this cafe’s food.

8. Irving’s Coffee

Maybe coffee isn’t technically considered a food group (although VALLEY thinks it should be), but this list wouldn’t be complete without Irving’s coffee drinks. The number of students that go out of their way to enjoy a cup of coffee may be considered crazy … or is it really just a sign of the famous Penn State dedication?

7. Chipotle Bowls & Burritos

With lines out the door every weekend, how could Chipotle’s bowls and burritos not make the list? Maybe the chain restaurant reminds students of their Chipotle at home, or maybe its food just really is that good—even if guac does cost extra.

6. Bagel Crust Breakfast Sandwiches

There is nothing like a great breakfast sandwich to start off your day. Bagel Crust definitely delivers in that department, and Penn State students know it. Whichever sandwich you choose, you simply won’t be disappointed.

5. Waffle Shop Omelettes

The Waffle Shop’s portions are always huge, but somehow the omelettes are always bigger than your head. Plus, having breakfast here is as classic as it gets in State College.

4. College Pizza

Every Penn State student has had a slice of College Pizza at least once in his or her life. The prime location may have something to do with it, but either way it’s a must.

3. Yallah Taco

Although you may have to face the cold in the winter while waiting outside for this one, it’s well worth it. Yallah hits on that Mexican fix that students want and also happens to be open until 3 a.m. on weekends—perfect for after a night out.

2. Canyon Pizza

Even though Canyon’s location change threw loyal customers for a loop, it’s still the cheapest pizza around and that alone makes it one of the best places for Penn State students to go.

1. Gumby’s Pokey Sticks

Similar to pizza, sure … but honestly so much better. Somehow making bread into strips and putting the sauce on the side is transformative, ultimately making pokey sticks VALLEY’s number one!


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