“That’s My Opinion!” Housewives Edition

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Diamonds, apples and peaches aren’t just random items when it comes to Real Housewives — it’s their crown. This past week BRAVO! added a tenth set of housewives — Salt Lake City.

These women live in Utah which is the home to snow, glamor and Mormonism. Some of the most important parts of the Mormon religion are no swearing, drinking and treating your body as a temple.

These girls are bringing the drama to the new series, all talking about their experience with the Mormon church and Salt Lake City as a whole. The first episode shows all the glitz and glamor that all the other series in the franchise have while adding snow and faux fur fashion.

What better way to celebrate a new series than to list the top five most iconic Housewives moments of all time.

Spoilers ahead!

  1. Tamra’s Opinion

You’ve all seen the memes and TikTok sounds related to this moment. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge screams about how it is her opinion that she doesn’t like Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks and that he is not good for her in the season 9 reunion. The camera then cuts to Shannon Beador and Andy Cohen’s reaction which is wide-eyed and silent.

2. Kim and Kyle’s Limo Fight

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had some serious drama as it is one of the longest-running seasons, however, the limo scene from season one is unmatched. Kim and Kyle Richards argue over Kim’s behavior, which leads to Kyle losing her cool on her sister. We quickly realize this is a deep-rooted issue that follows their storyline even up to recent seasons.

3. Theresa Season 1 Finale

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Theresa Giudice and Danielle Staub have a dramatic season finale where they argue at the dinner table over Staub telling Giudice to “pay attention.” What happens next? Take a look.

4. Shereé vs. Anthony the Party Planner

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Shereé gives us one of the most iconic quotes in Housewives history — “Who gon’ check me boo?”

This fight stems from Anthony giving attitude towards Shereé and she tells him he isn’t doing his job well.

5. Tamra Throws Wine

Tamra Judge throws wine at Jeana as they have an argument by the pool and Tamra claims Jeana tried to throw her in the pool. It goes from screaming about a cease and desist letter, the drama in this scene is so juicy.

As an honorable mention, the moment where Aviva takes off her prosthetic leg in Real Housewives of New York is simply hilarious and just needed to be shouted out.

As for the Salt Lake City ladies, there is much more to come from them as the season has just begun. The drama has just begun and maybe they’ll make it into the top iconic moments of Housewives history!


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