PSU Football Takes On The Outback Bowl

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The Penn State football team is heading to Arkansas for their first game in the Outback Bowl on New Year’s Day. The game will take place in Tampa, Florida at the Raymond James Stadium with a noon kickoff. Both of the teams have very similar records which make this game an exciting matchup for both fan sections. Keep reading to find out more about the game!

This has not been the first time that Penn State has played in the Outback Bowl. The last time they played was in 2010 against Florida, who they sadly lost to. This will be the first game that the two have played against each other.

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Being part of the Southeastern Conference, Penn State is not a usual team for the Razorbacks. As of now, Penn State is the favorite despite their poor season-ending. Penn State ended their season with a 7-5 record while the Razorbacks ended with an 8-4.

The Nittany Lions have participated in as many as 50 bowls before such as the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. This will be their fifth time playing in the Outback Bowl.

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Coach Franklin says that the Lions are “fired up” and ready to take on the bowl which he briefly said at the contract-signing ceremony. It will be an exciting matchup for the two teams especially because they have never played each other before. Franklin has made his way down to Tampa in order to prepare for the game. He has been busy with recent recruiting, so watching the tapes prior to the matchup will be crucial for both Franklin and the players.

Because a majority of the bowls have not happened in the past couple of years due to COVID-19, this will be some of the players first college football bowls. Even if the Lions do not end up making it far, the experience is what matters.

To buy tickets, you can look on websites such as Ticket Master and Seat Geek. As for the price, it depends on where you sit but they seem to range around one hundred to two hundred dollars. The bowls are known to have big fan sections, so make sure to get your tickets fast before the prices start to get higher!

To watch the game, you can stream it on ESPN2 who is hosting the game on their platforms. If you end up going to the game or watching it on a platform, tweet us @VALLEYmag and let us know what you think!


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