Spotify Wrapped 2020: What You Need To Know

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It’s that time of year… Where Spotify users justify their side in the Apple Music vs Spotify debate. With college students all over the nation sharing their Spotify wraps via social media, the excitement surrounding users’ music statistics have helped attract more users to Spotify’s platform.

The Spotify Wrapped has caused all social media platforms to go into a frenzy, with users tweeting and posting about their music statistics of 2020. Memes have been floating around the internet as well, with other users poking fun behind the concept itself.
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So… What Is Your Spotify Wrapped?

Available to both free and premium users, Spotify Wrapped is a personalized and in-depth music guide to your favorite songs and podcasts throughout the year. The wraps feature a variety of different aspects to your year in review, like how many minutes you listened to music and your favorite songs and artists.

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In our generation defined by social media and technology, Spotify designed the Spotify Wrapped to be Instagram and Twitter-friendly. In the wraps, your music statistics are created to be posted on your Instagram and Twitter stories. The vibrant colors create an aesthetically pleasing graphic to post online–and it also shows off your awesome music taste to your followers.

Where Can I Access My Spotify Wrapped?

For premium and free users, you can access your Spotify Wrapped in the Spotify application on your home page. Along with the 2020 Spotify Wrapped story graphics, Spotify has also put together several playlists that relate back to your year in review. Some of these playlists feature your favorite songs of 2020, as well as missed hits and a mix of your favorite artists and their podcasts.

What Is The Spotify Wrapped For Spotify Itself?

Just like Spotify releases a Spotify Wrapped for all of their users, there is also a Spotify Wrapped for the app itself! The Spotify Wrapped for the app included features like top artists, songs and more.

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Top artists consisted of Bad Bunny, Drake and Juice Wrld. Spotify also had a list of top 10 songs for the year, which included several hits from artists like the Weeknd and Post Malone. 

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