Princess Polly and PacSun: Fashion’s Newest Collaboration

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There’s exciting things happening in the fashion world! Princess Polly and Pacsun recently announced their new collaboration, which marks Princess Polly’s first step into wholesale. 

To kickstart their collaboration, Princess Polly will be rolling out products in 15 of Pacsun’s locations. These include Pacsun’s brick-and-mortar stores in Soho, Newport Beach, San Diego and other retail locations across the United States.

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Their pieces will also be available on Pacsun’s website,, with more items rolling out later as the collaboration continues.

Similar Audiences and Social Media Strategy

Both brands are excited to collaborate with each other due to their similar audiences. Primarily consisting of Gen Z’ers, Princess Polly and Pacsun shoppers frequently purchase from trendy and fashionable stores like their own. 

To target these shoppers, Princess Polly and Pacsun have taken their collaboration to popular social media platform Tik Tok for primary promotion.

The brands recently held a livestream experience to provide shoppers with an exclusive glimpse into the collaboration. Check out the Tik Tok below, which shows some of the iconic pieces from the collaboration: 

Tik Tok from user @Pacsun
What Shoppers Are Saying

There seems to be a lot of online buzz about the collaboration. Users on Tik Tok have claimed that this is Pacsun’s so-called “comeback,” and that shoppers have been waiting on a collaboration like this for quite some time. 

Tik Tok influencers have even documented the collaboration for their massive followings, which has also generated positive feedback from users online.

Torie Tagliavia, Pacsun Social Media Coordinator, shared a video on Tik Tok documenting the trendy pieces from the collaboration. This video ultimately went viral, with over 50,000 impressions worldwide. 

Check out Tagliavia’s Tik Tok below:

Tik Tok from user @torietagliavia
What This Means For The Future

While this collaboration is fairly new, it is safe to say that collaborations with trendy brands is something that will stick around. 

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