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If you have ever wanted to emulate 1970’s Los Angeles “rock and roll” fashion, Free People has you covered.

Following the release of Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation of “Daisy Jones & the Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Free People launched a new capsule collection inspired by the television show. Browsing the collection, you can purchase loosely inspired clothes and accessories from the 1970s.

The thing about the items being sold through Free People is that they do not look like they are taken straight from the 1970s. There is a modern twist to the collection, playing into edgy, floral and carefree stereotypes that people associate the ’70s with. Would anyone from the 1970s be wearing sequined cowboy boots (that cost $328, nonetheless)? No, probably not, but people in 2023 are definitely rocking embellished boots. The whole line has a rustic, West Coast vibe that Free People already is associated with.

The collaboration between Free People and “Daisy Jones” might seem random, but it does make sense from a fashion standpoint. Portraying fashion from the past does mean looking at older styles of fashion through a modern lens. Some people may hate the line, but it takes its own approach and can definitely add some fun new pieces to your closet.

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VALLEY’s Favorite Pieces

If you are not sure where to start, VALLEY will give you our personal recommendations and tell you what is worth your money.

Twist & Shout Vegan Shacket

Retailing for $128, this is a fun frilly cropped jacket with a fringe trim going down the back. This would beautifully with denim and can elevate your look immediately. It comes in five different colors as well and all are rustic and reminiscent of modern fictional cowboys.

Buttercup Crochet Top

According to Free People, this $168 top is artisan made, which means that Free People partnered with an artisan brand or business to produce this top. This is a delicate top and only comes in the pink floral color. This top would easily be dressed up or down, and it is a stunning piece on its own.

Highway Tank

This tank can surprisingly be more versatile than you may think. It can be worn on its own, or it can be layered with different undershirts. It costs $128 and comes in two different colors. This tank would be a perfect staple for going out, as it is sparkly and looks like a very fun time.

Cote D Azur Maxi Dress

Something about this dress screams frolicking in a field for the rest of your life. It is flowy and both the patterns it comes in are beautiful, vibrant and unique. While this dress costs $198, it could be a dress staple for years.

Jayde Flair Jeans

If you were to buy anything from this list, buy these jeans. They come in 14 different colors as well and are retailed for $98. They are high wasted and have the perfect amount of flair and will make your legs look magically long. These are your new favorite jeans, trust.

Disco Bra

Shouldn’t everyone have a disco bra? The answer is yes. You can buy this bra for $70 (VALLEY does not condone Free People’s prices) and this would go perfectly with mesh tops or even by itself. Daisy Jones would definitely wear this bra on its own.

Gretchen Studded Square Toe Boots

Lastly, some boots. These are a statement piece and shoes can be a great way to elevate an outfit, which is what these boots seem to be made for. You can get them for $308 (apologies in advance) in taupe or blue silver. These are so Western that you cannot pass them up.

Though this may be ironic, let Daisy Jones be your muse. She is not only a great fictional musician, but also a stunning fashion icon. Her style is a great combination of confidence and being carefree. There is a lot of great inspiration you can draw from the show. Try getting some inspiration from the Free People line and create your own interpretation of what Daisy Jones embodies.

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