Everything (sold out) Everywhere All at Once

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TikTok has proven the power it holds over us in many ways. No matter what eclectic concoction of videos pops up on your For You Page, we’ve all been influenced by the app. Whether you’ve allowed it to infiltrate your humor, attention span or music taste. But most notably TikTok has invaded the consumer space in an unprecedented fashion. Influential creators of viral videos on the app, may we know them and or envy them, are clearing shelves everywhere of even the most basic of items.

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The still often mocked label of being an influencer is proving its title true. How many times have you been influenced by a viral TikTok? Influencers are really just well-manicured walking (scrolling) advertisements. Maybe you’ve tried an old restaurant that’s suddenly been brought back to life with an influx of new customers, or even wrapped a ball of ice cream in a fruit roll-up? We’ve all succumbed to the trends that occupy our feeds, some more embarrassing than others, but who on the coveted app actually deserves the hype? Who could influence us to go to multiple grocery stores in search of their suggested snack or scroll endlessly on their amazon storefronts?

Here’s VALLEY’s take on basic trends we still would/have tried!

Danielle and Aloni, also known as @dzaslavsky on the app, have fast-tracked to become one of Tik Tok’s most loved and influential creators. Known for applying ungodly amounts of caviar on everything and overall living a lavish lifestyle we all daydream about. But don’t be distracted by the designer outfits of the day and occasional in-love baby talk, this couple has some serious snack recommendations. Their first internet revolution all came from their love of caviar which they happen to have a lifetime supply of since Danielle works for her family’s caviar company “Marky’s.” While this was one of their more overhyped hot takes, shelves were still being cleared by people yearning for their first taste of caviar and creme fraiche.

Photo taken from @dzaslavsky on Instagram

Another item often seen on their page are sour gummy lips they purchase from Amazon. There’s nothing like these two devouring a handful (or bagful) of sour gummies to get your mouth watering during your late night scroll. To Danielle’s dismay, she mentioned in a video that since posting the delicious snack, the distributor seems to have made the bags smaller causing people to buy in bulk. Why are we acting like we have never had candy before?

While they didn’t start this trend the couple’s partaking definitely took it to viral status. We all know and love the fruit roll-up or fruit by the foot depending on your taste. But have you ever tried it with a ball of ice cream inside? @Golisdream on TikTok is by far the most fashionable, divalicious mom on the app. But when she’s not giving advice on how to be as fabulous as she is, she can be seen wrapping a scoop of ice cream inside a fruit roll-up. Wait just a few seconds and you have the perfect sweet crunchy treat. Don’t think, just try it, if you can even get your hands on a box of fruit roll-ups.

Let us know @VALLEYmag on Instagram what sold out treats you’ve been influenced to purchase!


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