Fashion Collabs: A PR Powerhouse

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In the retail world, nothing is a more lucrative commodity than exposure. The more people learn about a brand and its products, the more potential sales it has. For a fashion brand, one of the most effective methods of generating publicity is scoring a collaboration with another fashion brand. This business model never fails to draw attention to both brands, especially if both are well-established.

In this article, VALLEY will be exploring three different fashion collabs. We feel that each one demonstrates a different aspect of why partnerships between fashion brands are always a success, both in PR and artistic expression.

Commes de Garçons PLAY X Converse: A Casual Introduction
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One fashion collab that has risen to stardom over the last few years is Commes de Garçon PLAY X Converse. Commonly known as CDG, the eponymous French fashion house boasts its diffusion line “PLAY”. The collection features high-quality wardrobe basics, which are adorned with heart shaped icons, and it emphasizes practicality and financial-accessibility. The label’s love affair with Converse lead to beautifully-adorned versions of the shoe brand’s classic styles.

This unlikely duo represents the fashion collab’s potential to bring awareness to a lesser-known name. While Converse reigns supreme as one of the most popular casual shoe brands in recent history, CDG is best known by high-fashion mavens. However, after this iconic collab, millions of people were introduced to CDG and its PLAY collection for the first time. Perhaps some developed a love for the brand and were inspired to explore its other offerings.

The partnership also demonstrates a designer brand’s ability to transform an affordable product. At $150, a pair of CDG Converse is over twice the price of its original counterpart. However, the difference in quality is night and day. The shoe is significantly more durable and extremely well-made. CDG’s playful logo is the icing on the cake that cements this shoe’s place as a must-have item.

Palm Angels X Missoni: A Passion Project
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The breathtaking result of the Palm Angels X Missoni collab is the perfect example of two unique aesthetics joining forces to create something truly beautiful. Palm Angels markets itself as an Italian take on American subcultures, representing skating culture and blending it with tropical imagery. Meanwhile, Missoni is revered for its mastery of using bold colors and harsh geometric motifs in its famous knitwear, imagined in Italy and crafted from the finest materials. The intersection of these two visions is a collection that decorates the casual silhouettes of Palm Angels with Missoni’s eclectic signature.

This phenomenon is a representation of the fashion collab’s ability to produce something magnificent out of two different creative directions. By exploring a new take on its style, Palm Angels was able to create something truly remarkable. Sometimes, the best method to garnering positive publicity is showing the market something it has never seen before.

Balenciaga X Crocs: Complete Shock
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Whether on its own or joining forces with another label, Balenciaga has proven itself to be the master of shock value. From muddy, torn up sneakers, shoelace earrings and a leather garbage bag that costs $1800, it seems that everything the brand produces was designed to provoke a reaction. Although it could be said that the brand’s creative director is simply ahead of his time, Balenciaga’s perplexing designs are likely part of a longterm publicity stunt. Perhaps the brand’s goal is to draw attention to itself by being as strange as possible.

Crocs and its eponymous rubber clogs have a similar story to tell. Breathtakingly ugly, these ever-trendy oddities seem to have risen to popularity out of sheer irony. By adding a three-inch stiletto to the clog, Balenciaga made headlines as the internet gawked at the uncanny result. However, some say that all publicity is good publicity.

Balenciaga’s unholy ventures are testament to how a fashion collab can succeed by inspiring utter shock. This partnership was a success for both brands involved, as the controversy lead to tremendous social media exposure.

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