These Premium Clothing Brands Are Worth Every Penny

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Every good wardrobe is built upon a group of staples that act as a foundation for any outfit. However, everyone loves to follow a good trend once in a while. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is crucial to develop your group of well-made basics that you can always rely on before you adventure off into collecting statement pieces.

Clothing items like this need to last for the long haul, and in order to find such pieces, you might be required to shop at a higher price point. Fortunately, VALLEY is here to give its recommendations for premium clothing brands that are worth the investment.


Theory is an NYC-based, contemporary clothing label that boasts the perfect marriage between quality and elegance. The brand offers a vast array of wardrobe staples that will never become outdated, and they craft these pieces from only the finest materials.

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The brand is particularly well-known for its tops and T-shirts, many of which are crafted from pima cotton, which is the highest-grade species of the material that one can find. This luxurious type of cotton is incredibly soft, yet durable. The result is T-shirts that are light as a feather, have a silk-like quality and will last for many years.

Theory is also recognized for its range of business-casual attire, making the brand a perfect stop for those who are looking to invest in a timeless piece that they can wear to the office for many years.

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While the label’s steep prices are justified by its top-grade textiles and exquisite tailoring, it is undeniable that incorporating Theory’s quality into your wardrobe will cost a pretty penny, with many of its coveted T-shirts floating around the $70 range. However, Theory has a fantastic outlet shop which is available online! This website gives shoppers access to steep discounts year-round, allowing those interested in investing in Theory’s basics to do so for half the price.

Online department store outlets such as Nordstrom Rack and Saks OFF Fifth are also excellent places to find Theory products on sale!


Madewell’s goal is to offer the highest quality jeans available, as well as everything that you can style with them. This philosophy results in the brand having a truly comprehensive range. Whether you are searching for jeans, T-shirts, jackets and outerwear, accessories or even sneakers, Madewell is the perfect stop if you are looking for longevity.

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As its name would suggest, the brand’s jeans are durable and expertly-crafted. Madewell denim is strong enough to last the test of time, yet it manages to do so without being thick or rigid. The breathable fabric of these jeans make them perfect for any occasion, from out to lunch to lying on the couch.

Madewell also values inclusivity and is committed to providing a positive shopping experience for all customers. The brand has one of the widest denim size ranges around, and it improves upon this offering and the fit of each pair of jeans by taking customer feedback seriously. Its website also allows shoppers to change the model in the photos to one that is similar to their height.

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With many of Madewell’s cult-favorite jeans surpassing $100, they are certainly investment pieces. However, the brand offers an extremely active sale page that hosts major discounts on its quality items. At most times, the label offers discount codes that slash those sale prices even lower!

Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone is a diamond in the rough when it comes to ingenuity and quality construction. Born in New York City, the label is built upon the urban aesthetic that permeates the city’s streets, which is effortless, yet chic. The brand has accomplished its original goal, to craft the ultimate five-pocket jean, and it has branched out to every corner of one’s wardrobe.

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Product longevity is the most prominent theme of Rag and Bone. The company’s catchphrase is “Quality Guaranteed”, which is printed on the inside of each of its products. Evidently, the brand takes this promise very seriously: if you bring a prematurely-damaged product into a Rag and Bone store, they will replace it immediately.

The label has altered its mindset in recent years, shifting away from designing for the runway in order to focus on producing the highest-quality ready-to-wear on the market. The result is a comprehensive offering, complete with everything from wardrobe staples to statement pieces, all with the kind of construction that one can rely on for years.

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With so much to love, including timeless elegance, luxury materials and contemporary craftsmanship, Rag and Bone’s prices are eye-opening, with most of its jeans eclipsing $200. However, it is very easy to find its products on clearance. The brand has its own frequently-updated sale page, and all of its offerings, especially denim, can be found on Nordstrom Rack and Saks OFF Fifth with discounts upwards of 60%.

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