Fall ’22 Launch Party Lookbook

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for— the VALLEY Fall 2022 Launch Party. What makes VALLEY Launch so much more than any other social in State College is the fact that it’s the one event where people in State College, whether they’re in VALLEY or not, really dress to impress. And this year is no exception. So, here is VALLEY’s annual Launch Party lookbook to get you in the spirit of launch! This year, think bold, colorful and chic for our 30th launch party. Don’t forget— this isn’t a formal, wear what makes you you!

Matching Sets 

Everyone loves a good matching set— after all, it’s the easiest way to look put-together without really putting in that much effort. If you’re finding yourself having a hard time figuring out what to wear, you really can never go wrong with a coordinated moment. Here is some inspiration on what to wear and how to wear it:

Monochromatic Moments 

Similar to the ease of a matching set, a monochromatic moment is another easy way to pull together a chic look without having to worry about clashing colors and looks. But while it’s easy to put on an all-black outfit and call it a day— which to be fair, is probably the safest bet if you can’t think of anything to wear— this year we’re looking for bold and bright colors to celebrate the evolution of VALLEY. So, think of bright, standout colors and while you’re at it, get your nails done too (that goes for you too boys). 

Photo from pinterest.com
Bold Yet Chic

If monochrome and matching outfits are too much inside your comfort zone, take this as your sign to step up your fashion game. If there’s one place to try out a new look and experiment with different pieces and textures, it’s VALLEY launch. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and mismatch color schemes— anything goes (seriously, we mean it). 

Places to Shop

So, now that we’ve given you the inspiration, it’s time to start shopping. Here are VALLEY’s recommendations for where to shop and where to look:

  • Jaded London— don’t underestimate the menswear! They probably have your best options for pants, which is the best place to start building an outfit around.
  • Goodwill on Benner Pike— you can never go wrong with a Goodwill run, and you’d be surprised by what you find there! Take your bestie and look for Y2K statement pieces and other accessories that will separate your fit from the rest.
  • Barefoot on College Ave— it never hurts to support a small business in downtown State College, plus they have a great shoe selection! Look for chunky heels and booties that you can get good use out of after you wear them for launch!
  • I Am Gia— when we say people go all out, people go all out for our famous launch parties. Consider picking up one of their tops as your statement piece and pair it with either a baggy pair of cargos or a teeny tiny mini skirt. 

We hope to see you at Primanti Bros on November 30th with the rest of our staff, readers and fans! And don’t forget to DM us on Instagram @VALLEYMAG with your final launch party look for a chance to be featured on our #FitCheckFridays.


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