The Qatar World Cup

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The 2022 men’s World Cup is currently taking place in Qatar. Because this sporting event is one of the most significant global events to happen, people from all across the globe are presently staying to watch and cheer on their country’s team. What teams are predicted to make it far? How is the United States doing? Are fans really camping out in tents instead of staying in hotels? All of those questions will be answered below, so keep reading to find out!

What Teams Will Make It Far?
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Out of the thirty-two teams playing in the World Cup, one is predicted to take the win home. According to multiple sources, Brazil is expected to make it all the way to the end. Collectively, as a team, they are ranked very high and have been predicted to win multiple World Cups. As of now, they have won both of the games they have played putting them in the top bracket. There are some other competitors as well who also have won both games that they have played so it will be interesting to see if Brazil will make it as far as they are predicted to.

How Is The USA Team Doing?
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So far, the United States team has been doing fairly well. They have won against the Iranian team and tied with both England and Wales putting them in a higher category since they have no losses so far. As for the future games, it will all depend on what bracket they move to and what teams they play.

The USA’s starting lineup is not only very strong but is also one of the youngest lineups in the World Cup. If you want to keep up with the team and follow along on their hopeful journey to the end, tune into FOX to watch for free.

Are Fans Sleeping In Tents?
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Believe it or not, fans are sleeping in either tents or shipping containers. You heard that right, shipping containers. A Bedouin tent located at Al Khor is about $170 per night making it the cheapest option for fans. As for the shipping containers that come with showers inside the facility, fans are having to pay about $207 per night. It is true that fans had hoped for a better hospitality experience, but most are just happy to have the opportunity to watch their favorite team play.

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