Crochet: VALLEY’s Pick for Summer Fashion

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If you’re looking for something lightweight, trendy, fun and bold, crochet is the material for you. Although this style has been around for a bit in small tops and bikinis, it has recently blown up in the fashion world.

Crochet looks adorable as pants, tops, sets, bralettes, and accessories — it can be utilized in almost any way! It is also a skill that many people already have, and it is not too difficult to pick up if your budget is a bit too tight to purchase these items.

If you are too busy to crochet, there are also these options VALLEY adores for summer outfits. There are tons of other pieces, and for those DIYing, Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration!

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These shorts from ZARA are amazing because they are breathable and cute. They also are not going to break the bank for someone who is on a budget. They could be styled in many different ways, like with a baggy graphic tee or with a bikini top for the beach. Zara has a ton of different other crochet items on their website as well with a variety of colors and styles!

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This bralette-style crop top from Urban Outfitters comes in multiple colors and has a unique button detail on the sides. This piece is sure to keep you cool during the warmer months. It is also incredibly easy to style, as it would be easily matched with some baggy jeans or a midi skirt.

This style would also be quite easy to mimic for those who have crocheting skills and could be created with your own personal touch. Have a favorite color or pattern? Go ahead and play around with the design of this shirt!

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This bag from Etsy is a great option because it is supporting a small business. It is important to buy locally and use websites like Etsy and Depop to help small businesses, especially during the pandemic. This tote is such an adorable accessory and is a better environmental alternative.

Although crochet could come off as a bold option, it can be as subtle as it needs to be. It is quite easy to style and is adaptable as it suits multiple occasions. Now that it has been recognized as a summer 2021 trend, it will be worth investing in!

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