Six Ways to Outsmart the Weather with Fashion

Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

Ever check the weather in the morning and think, “How am I supposed to dress for this irrational State College weather?”

Valley has your back— and your wardrobe— with the latest tips on dressing for unpredictable weather.

It’s that weird time of year again when you can get frostbite one day and sunburn the next. Weather like this can make getting dressed in the morning seem like an impossible task. These tips and tricks will help you stay equipped for Centre County’s crazy weather!

Layers, Layers and More Layers!

During this topsy-turvy season, layers are your new best friend. When you leave your apartment or dorm for your 8 a.m., try grabbing a jacket to fight the morning chill. By noon, you’ll be ready to wrap the jacket around your waist to beat the high sun. It’s a stylish, practical and necessary accessory for the ever-changing weather.

Sun Dresses With Jackets

This classic combo is your new go-to for those sunny, yet chilly, days when you’re just not sure what you need to wear to combat the weather. Try a mid- or shin-length dress to shake up this traditional look. If you’re not feeling a jacket, try a chunky cardigan for something a little warmer and fuzzy.

Maxi Dresses

If you feel like standing out in the sea of 40,000+ Penn State students, a maxi dress will do the trick. You’ll look like a statuesque goddess while still outsmarting the weather with covered legs and an outer layer, such as a trendy bomber jacket, if needed. If you’re going for a less dramatic look, give a maxi skirt a whirl for the same cool effect.

Ripped Jeans

It’s no secret that ripped jeans can give you that effortlessly cool vibe, but they are also perfect for those in-between weather days! They’re breathable, yet they won’t leave you completely regretting your life choices if freezing rain or snow decides to make an appearance.


These are as versatile as they are classic. While these cozy fleece gems will keep you warm in a windstorm, they will be equally stylish tied around your waist if the sun appears out of nowhere.

Jean Jackets

This throwback look will never go out of style. This is the perfect outer layer for unpredictable weather. They come in all varieties, thicker and more structured or thinner and more breathable. You could go for a more classic navy color or make a statement with acid wash. Plus, you can personalize them with pins and decals. An alternative to the denim jacket is the military jacket, another classic that comes in shades of khaki, green and even camo.

All of these style tricks will keep you comfortable even in the craziest of late-winter, early-spring, Central Pennsylvania weather.