Why You Should Start Double Cleansing

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If you aren’t already double cleansing, what are you doing? Whether you wear makeup or prefer to go barefaced, by the end of the day your face has been exposed to a good amount of dirt and gunk. Not to mention, all of the natural oils and sweat that naturally accumulate throughout the day. That being said, there is only so much dirt, makeup and other persistent pollutants that just a single cleanse or even multiple makeup wipes can get rid of.

What exactly is double cleansing? It’s pretty simple and self-explanatory — you wash your face not once, but twice. The only thing is, they must be two different, practically opposite, types of cleansers. The two types of cleansers to use hand in hand together are oil-based and water-based.

First, start off with an oil-based cleanser. This will remove any oil buildup, such as makeup, sunscreen and your body’s natural oils. Arielle Nagler, MD, a dermatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center told Health, “The theory behind oil cleansers is that they’re thought to remove bad excess oil because they have similar chemical properties as skin oil, which allow them to interact.”

In other words, think back to science class where you first learned oil and water don’t mix. When washing your face with only a water-based cleanser, it fails to completely eliminate all of the oil-based layers of buildup because it’s not interacting with the oils. Although you will rid yourself of that layer when using only an oil-based cleanser, you are then leaving what’s underneath.

After you’ve cleaned your skin of any lingering oils, take the time to go in again, but this time with a water-based cleanser. This second cleanse will now be able to penetrate more thoroughly. Say goodbye to the remaining sweat, dirt and any lingering dead skin cells. Don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it. Ranging from around $10, $20 and $40, VALLEY has three different oil and water-based cleanser recommendations.

Step One: Oil-Based

1. The INKEY List Oat Cleansing Balm – $9.99

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Coming in at an affordable price of $10, The INKEY List has gentle an oil-based cleanser in the form of a balm. It’s especially great for sensitive skin due, as it cleanses as well as nourishes. The two key ingredients are oat kernel oil and colloidal oatmeal, supporting the skin’s moisture and smoothness and reducing blackheads, redness and irritation. Order one online from TheINKEYList.com or find it at your local Sephora.

2. iUNIK Cleansing Oil – $17.60

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This cleanser is perfect for all skin types and is made up of 94% pure plant oils. Its safe and natural ingredients protect your skin barrier, while simultaneously being calming, moisturizing and nourishing. Similar to all oil-based cleansers, make sure to gently massage until any visible makeup is melted and freed from your skin, followed by rinsing 2-3 times with warm water.

3. Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm – $38

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This cleanser is antioxidant and full of fatty acid-rich seaberry, AKA sea buckthorn oil, which softens and protects your skin. Other skin-nourishing ingredients include anti-aging and brightening persimmon extract, olive oil and vitamin E. With this cleanser, you can feel good about what you put on your skin, as it is free of polyethylene, mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, parabens, artificial coloring and synthetic fragrance. After massaging, emulsify with warm water and move onto the second cleanse.

Step Two: Water-Based

1.Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser – $8.99

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If you’re wanting to experiment with double cleansing, this cleanser is perfect for those just starting out. Vanicream’s cleanser is extremely gentle and doesn’t contain dyes, lanolin, masking fragrance, parabens, formaldehyde, and other preservatives. Use after an oil-based cleanser and not only will it not dry out your skin, but it will leave it feeling clean, smooth and soft.

2. Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser – $16

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Vegan and cruelty-free, this cleanser is free of fragrances, essential oils and colorants. Instead, pamper your skin with coconut-based surfactants that cleanse without stripping and matcha and hemp seed oil that recover amino acids and antioxidants to the skin. The silky gel formula is light and effortlessly lathers, cleaning your face of any lasting uncleanliness from the day.

3. Then I Met You Soothing Cleansing Gel – $36

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If you’re interested in Then I Met You’s Cleansing Balm, why not follow it with the water-based cleansing gel? This cleansing gel contains fermented rice water as the number one ingredient. Besides finishing your double cleanse and clearing your skin of any remaining dirt and sweat, the formula includes licorice root extract which brightens and green tea that exfoliates.



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