Sixty Second Skincare: Tiktok Creators to Follow for Skincare Tips and Advice

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Skincare videos can get out of hand and quite overwhelming these days, so VALLEY has compiled a list of creators that work through short Tiktok videos to get their message out!


First, let’s start off with the basics. SkincareByHyram is probably one of the most well-known skincare accounts on Tiktok.  he combines humor and his bubbly personality with his knowledge of skincare in order to bring his audience the best content. He has risen to fame through dueting celebrity Tiktoks and assessing their skincare routine. He will often recommend more affordable products and will let his audience know why he does or does not like the overall routine that is being used.  His cheerful, non-judgmental nature draws you in and keeps you invested in his skincare opinions. You can find his longer, more in-depth videos on his Youtube channel, @Hyram.


TheSkinAndLashLady is a licensed esthetician who gives tips and tricks for taking care of your skin. She recommends products and explains different processes, and also shows her own routines. She bases many of her videos on specific skin problems and then explains how to solve them.  She also provides 30-minute complimentary Zoom consultations, the link for which can be found in her Tiktok bio.  You can find her YouTube @TheSkinAndLashLady.


OlgaV123 focuses on “natural antiaging.”  She shows her audience how to massage their skin in such a way that they can avoid wrinkles and depuff their skin.  She also makes videos on how to improve your posture and stretches that work to help keep your body in good condition. She sells her skincare products here.


Valentinas_Elixirs is an esthetician that “honors ancient rituals” when it comes to her skincare.  She focuses on gua sha and reflexology in her routines and shows her audience how to get rid of wrinkles, relieve pain, and encourage overall health using natural massaging and reflexology techniques.  She owns her own company, where you can buy her gua sha and reflexology tools as well as some various oils, and you can find her website here.

As always, VALLEY encourages you to do your own research before trying new skincare products and routines. Not all routines and products will work for everyone, so it’s important to be cautious and careful when trying out something new.



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