Personalized Skin Care: Yay Or Nay?

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Let’s face the facts — everybody’s skin is different. When it comes to skincare, consumers favor different brands and products.

As a result of this, personalized skincare lines like Clinique iD and Curology have become all the rage on the market. Take esthetician Cassandra Bankson, who is known to review popular skincare products on her social media platforms. Recently, she posted a YouTube video detailing her journey with Proven, Younique, and Yours Personalized Skincare:


Atolla is truly unlike any other personalized skincare brand on the market. To develop skincare for customers, Atolla uses an extensive skin analysis kit that evaluates pH and moisture levels. From there, Atolla then utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to create a personalized serum for customers. 

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According to Atolla’s website, the personalized skincare line currently has 4.6 / 5 stars. Check out to see what Atolla’s users have to say about the brand: 

I am never LOOKING BACK! Within the first month, my skin bounced back with hydration and my dark parts cleared up with absolute magic.

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I tried Atolla and it’s been so incredible. My overall skin health is amazing!

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I liked that Atolla was science backed, took into account my routine, and allowed me to specify any ingredients I don’t like.

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Overall, the reviews for Atolla’s skincare line were pretty impressive. Common themes among customers were the praise of excellent customer service and Atolla’s calming serum.

Younique‘s Youology Custom Skin Care

Younique’s Youology is known to give customers a full experience for personalized skincare. They develop every aspect of skincare imaginable, including moisturizers, serums, and cleansers.

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With Younique’s personalized skincare line, customers can take a skincare quiz that has 40,000 possible combinations fit for everyone! In this quiz, Younique considers different factors such as age, skin type, and current skin routine. 

Overall, Younique’s Youology line has positive reviews online. Check out what customers have to say about the brand online:

I’m in love with this serum from Younique! It is customizable for my skin type. I’ve used a lot of different ones and this doesn’t leave my face greasy or oily because I choose what goes in it. I pair this at nighttime with my Youology night cream.

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Since I started using my Customized Youology Skin Careline I have seen HUGE differences in my skin! My skin was dull and dry. I had fine lines. I wouldn’t leave the house w out make up. Now I am proud of my skin! Its even and hydrated! I totally recommend Youology to everyone!

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Very smooth and creamy and very great for any skincare routine its effectiveness was not disappointing the packaging was very nice it made my skin look snd feel great, no makeup needed or wear under your makeup I recommend this serum for any skin type or tone.

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Overall, customers seem to love Younique’s Youology line and praises it for helping their skin glow.

Skin Inc. My Daily Dose

Out of the personalized skincare products we’ve reviewed, Skin Inc. My Daily Dose is one of the most captivating for new customers. 

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Skin Inc.’s personalized skincare product, My Daily Dose, creates a personalized serum that you can mix at your convenience. This lets customers mix up their skincare routine based on needs and wants, instead of using the same serum consistently. 

Skin Inc.’s My Daily Dose has positive reviews online, with an average of 4.7 / 5 stars on the Dermstore website. Check out what customers have to say below: 

I like this product. It is a nice addition to use as a serum and it isn’t too heavy. I use t before my moisturizer in the morning and evening. I would definitely recommend it.

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Really does all these things: Reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Brightens and even skin tone. Hydrates.

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My Daily Dose of Glow by SKIN INC Supplement Bar reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.

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VALLEY’S Verdict: Depending on your skin type, these personalized skin care lines are created to work with your skin! Therefore, the products working will vary by each customer.

What personalized skincare line or product do you plan on using? Tweet us, @VALLEYmag, with your thoughts!


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