Enhancing Hair Care: The Gua Sha Comb

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The gua sha is a Chinese beauty tool that can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty, according to Vogue magazine. A Gua sha is made up of jade stone or rose quartz, and are most often utilized in the face and neck region to sculpt and refine the face, reducing puffiness and releasing pressure from the neck. 

Gua sha’s are prime beauty tools as they have the ability to increase blood flow and release tension to make you feel good and look good. 

The gua sha comb is often used by professionals as scalp massage therapy, and can just as easily be used at home to increase circulation, release tension, and promote healthy hair growth. 

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To massage your scalp, start from the hairline and in little quick strokes, move down to the base of your head. Do this around your whole scalp. After you’ve finished quick strokes, start at your hairline again and slowly comb straight down to the base of your head until you’ve done this to your whole head. Lastly, follow these same steps, starting from the base of your head (near the neck) to the middle of your head. You can do this as often as you feel necessary, and can use oil if you’re about to wash your hair.

As you stroke the teeth of the comb against your scalp, you improve circulation, causing blood to rush to the scalp which promotes healthy hair growth.

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The comb is also used to release pressure and tension from the pressure points in your head. Pressure points are areas of the body which hold tension and are very sensitive. They are a heavy focus in the practice of Reflexology, which was discovered in ancient Egypt and China as a more holistic and therapeutic approach to healing and health, later introduced to the US in 1913 by William H. Fitzgerald.

The Gua sha became a viral trend a few years ago in the US, as people began to learn the values and benefits that come from Chinese medicine. Americans have adopted these techniques and many males and females have incorporated the Gua sha into their daily routine. 

The comb seems to be a more recent tool in America that hasn’t received much attention but provides great benefits for scalp health.

Here are a few places you can shop!

Act + Acre
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Act + Acre is a popular hair care company that is plant-based, focusing on sustainability and overall hair wellness. You can order from their website or purchase online from Goop, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie.

Mount Lai
Photo from Mountlai.com

Mount Lai is an Asian, female-owned brand. The beliefs of their brand are rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and Gua sha practices. Orders can be made online on the Mount Lai website or on the Bloomingdale’s website.

It’s important to support the communities that have shared their cultural practices with the rest of the world and to be educated on such practices and their significance. Shop small!



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