Luxury Brands: The Next Best Hygiene Products

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Say goodbye to harsh hand sanitizers and soaps! Since the coronavirus pandemic has changed the hygiene industry, luxury brands have been stepping up their game. Byredo, Verishop and Nest Fragrances are upgrading their hand sanitizers and soaps with next-level tech!

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To stay safe this upcoming holiday season, VALLEY has put together a guide of high-end hand sanitizer and soap essentials.

Dior’s Jasmin Des Anges
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Dior is known to be one of the world’s most well-known luxury brands with a focus on women’s fashion. However, this did not stop the Dior brand from creating high-end hygiene products!

Dior is reinventing the packaging of hygiene products with Jasmin Des Anges’s simple, yet gorgeous bottle. Although retailed at $65 dollars, Jasmin Des Anges‘s has been praised for its refreshing and clean smell.

Diptyque’s Softening Hand Rinse
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Diptyque’s Softening Hand Rinse has properties that are known to repair and soothe skin. With ingredients such as lavender and rosemary floral water, this formula ensures that you’ll never miss a hand-wash again!

3. Touchland’s Aloe Mist You
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Touchland’s Aloe Mist You hand sanitizer is the most affordable out of these luxury brands and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket! With over 10 unique scents, customers are sure to find a smell that they like.

As for ingredients, the Touchland hand sanitizers all include a mix of 70% ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, radish root ferment and lemon essential oil. These all combine to protect against common germs and nourish the skin.

Nest New York Bamboo Hand Sanitizing Gel
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Nest New York Bamboo Hand Sanitizing Gel is quite the name — but it lives up to the hype. As a cruelty-free and vegan product, this hand sanitizing gel has a citrus smell and beautiful green tint.

With five-star reviews online, customers have praised this hand sanitizing gel for its “heavenly” scent and aroma. Retailed at $10, this price seems to be affordable for the high quality of the product.

Antica Farmacista’s Prosecco Hand Sanitizer
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This hand sanitizer packaging is simply stunning. With FDA approval, this hygiene product will protect against germs but without that post-hand sanitizer sticky feeling.

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