Beauty: A Limitless Concept

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Women often limit their ability to see how beautiful they are. They think that if someone else is beautiful it takes away from their own beauty. Women fail to see what makes them beautiful because of the standard of beauty that’s been created. But beauty doesn’t have a concrete definition. Its definition is actually one without specificity. Oxford Languages defines beauty as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.”

Around the world, women are praised for different aspects of beauty. Different cultures favor different aspects of women. There is no set standard. If you don’t see it, somebody else does. Beauty is viewed and recognized differently by everyone.

Here are some qualities of women valued around the world.

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Australians believe beauty is something best expressed naturally. They value women who bear their natural beauty, focusing less on makeup and more on clear skin, no makeup, and a healthy glow. 

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The French women tend to focus on enhancing their natural features instead of perfecting them. They love to wear their hair naturally and keep up with skincare. Imperfection is the value. 

Middle East
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In middle eastern countries, women place a high value on the face. They value rounded faces, big almond-shaped eyes, and full lips. 

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A natural figure and thick natural eyebrows hold high traditional value in India. Women are comfortable in their own skin and embrace whatever body figures they have, encouraging curves. They value thicker eyebrows and tend to shy away from thinning them out and plucking them.

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Greeks still hold true to the values held in the ancient world. As was their depiction of Aphrodite, women are favored for having fair skin, getting sunlight, and having color. They also favor curves and find beauty in long, wavy hair. 

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Koreans value child-like and small, distinct features. Emphasis is placed on slim figures and big eyes. Straighter eyebrows, pale skin, and defined jawlines are all facial features that have been standardized. 


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