Vitamin E For That Extra Glow

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Sometimes it can be overwhelming to watch skin-care gurus use 20 different products on their faces in a single TikTok. Everyone’s skin is different, so it takes some time, research and experimentation to figure out what will work best for you.

However, Vitamin E is an inexpensive product you can add to your nighttime routine that will benefit almost any skin type. According to, Vitamin E is found naturally in foods like avocados, almonds, olive oil and sweet potatoes, and can be used topically as a pure oil or in skincare products. 

Can Vitamin E get rid of your scars?

You may have heard of a common benefit of this antioxidant-packed supplement—the reduction of the appearance of scars. While a study from Healthline found that “evidence that vitamin E has this effect is mostly anecdotal,” another study revealed that “children with surgical scars who used vitamin E three times a day didn’t develop keloids or extra scar tissue over the wound.” In fact, certified dermatologist Ava Shamban tells Allure, “[Vitamin E] assists in various kinds of cellular restoration from sun damage to healing support for scars or burns.” 

There are no proven remedies for removing scar tissue, so while the results aren’t completely conclusive, it can’t hurt to try! Even if you aren’t using Vitamin E oil for scars, it can be used all over the face to slow down the aging process of the skin, protect from environmental damage, moisturize, blur wrinkles and fine lines, and simply keep you glowing.

Products We Recommend
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JASON’s Vitamin E Skin Oil is an inexpensive and pure option for topical use. VALLEY recommends using the highest IU (International Units) option, as this will deliver a highly concentrated amount of the Vitamin in just a single drop.

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Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 contains squalane, a “highly-refined botanical lipid derived from olives,” aloe vera, and Vitamin E to moisturize and smooth dry, chapped lips. It is also available in Cranberry, Mint or Mango scented lip balms.

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One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm helps to brighten and hydrate the eyes, and uses shea butter (rich in Vitamins A and E) and pomegranate, which “hydrates, reduces inflammation and defends against environmental damage.” 

Be Careful

As with almost any skincare product, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. Because Vitamin E oil is very thick, if used topically on acne-prone skin types, it can cause a breakout.

VALLEY suggests mixing a drop or two of the JASON oil mixed in with a light daily moisturizer and applying before bed so the oil has time to sink into your skin without feeling heavy.

If you are taking Vitamin E supplements orally, try to stay below 1,000 mg in natural form and make sure you’re counting the Vitamin E that naturally occurs in food into this. Try to stay below 670 mg of Vitamin E in synthetic form, as too much Vitamin E can cause your blood to thin, according to Healthline.

If you want to get a head start on keeping your skin young, bright and protected, try adding Vitamin E to your routine. Simple, pure ingredients can go a long way in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.



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