A Beginner’s Guide to Gua Sha

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VALLEY is constantly looking for new skincare tips and tricks, especially something other than “drink lots of water” or “wash your face at night!” We all know this here at VALLEY, but have you heard the amazing benefits of the Gua Sha? 

In simple terms, Gua Sha in mainstream culture right now is rubbing or smoothing your face over with a tool in a specific pattern to get rid of blemishes or wrinkles. VALLEY likes to think of it as giving your face a really cool massage. However, this process is not always as relaxing as it sounds, some find it slightly more painful according to Healthline.

While redness and purple coloring can sometimes be concerning when it comes to skincare, it is often a side effect of Gua Sha and that is okay. Essentially, Gua Sha helps drain the face of toxins and creates better circulation. This can remove deep lines, puffiness, and acne scars. There are a variety of products that claim to have these almost “magical” benefits. Unlike a topical cream, Gua Sha is something you can actively do for yourself. In addition, the ability to control the movements and pressure allows you to take more control over your skincare. 

Even though this may seem like a new revelation in beauty and wellness, Gua Sha has been around in Chinese medicine for a lot longer than it has been on our beauty shelves. This form of medicine has been used for way more than just getting rid of facial imperfections. This technique is beyond just cosmetic appearance, the Gua Sha has been used for years in different forms for overall health. 

Gua Sha is a natural way to stimulate pain relief for people. This technique of scraping the skin is used to increase blood flow, which is also why it works so well in keeping skin healthy and glowing. This article details how chronic pains such as migraine headaches and neck pain have been improved from Gua Sha. The Gua Sha has been praised by today’s beauty gurus for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections. However, there are true scientific benefits behind this beauty ritual we have adopted. 

It is important to note that the Gua Sha should be at a 15-degree angle, and you should be applying light to medium pressure. Make sure to use your other hand to support the skin around the Gua Sha. There are countless videos showing how to Gua Sha the face but many leave out these important instructions. This article by HudaBeauty recommends essentially stroking the skin with the tool upwards away from your face.

As a Gua Sha beginner, there are several inexpensive options on Amazon for this handy little face tool. With all the amazing lymphatic drainage and skin benefits, it is worth a try!


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