75 Day Hard Who?

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Quarantine brought to life, a multitude of trends that involve overall wellness. One of them that is making a comeback is 75 day hard. Now one may be asking, “is it worth it?” as 75 days requires a commitment as well as soon to be learned hardships.  

What is this challenge? Creator, Andy Frisella, says the challenge is more about mental toughness than physical. Here are the basic rules according to Cosmopolitan.

  • Following a diet of your choice 
  • Drink 4 liters of water a day 
  • Workout twice a day for 45 minutes 
  • Read 10 pages of nonfiction a day 
  • Take a 5 minute cold shower 
  • Everyday perform one task of your choosing (calling family, buying someone’s order in a drive-through, etc) 
  • Take progress pictures every day 

It might feel great to want to start a new plan that is being said can change your life but it’s important to know who created this plan. Frisella is not a notable source of wellness considering he has no certifications. This challenge came from his podcast “Real AF,” according to Cosmopolitan.

The masses have posted about the trend on TikTok where people are using it as a tool to stay motivated and on a routine in such uncertain times. Being too restrictive may be triggering to some and might lead to unhealthy habits. The internet sure has seen some negative feedback about this new trend.

We caution everyone to really think about their decisions before making the commitment to a “challenge” which can cause a toll depending on oneself.

VALLEY encourages personal research before starting anything new in their life. If you participate in this challenge, tag us on Instagram, @VALLEYmag, to share your progress pictures!


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