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As the skincare industry continues to grow every day, our wish list for products only grows longer and longer. With more products to try, how do we know what is worth the price tag? YouTubers and other influencers have taken on this role, sharing their testimonies for what works and what doesn’t— at least for their skin.

Instagram account @socialskinroutine has taken a new approach to this daunting task, sharing both science and opinion on their platform. 

Photo posted by @socialskinroutine on Instagram

Although some might consider it a ‘small’ account with a little over 8k followers, @socialskinroutine has successfully created their own niche in skincare review. Amanda, 30, runs the account from Scotland and is a skincare and cosmetics fanatic. One of the biggest components of the page is her pH testing of some of the most popular facial cleansers people use. Using a 3 point calibration to reduce errors in testing, she tests products to see where they fall on the pH scale and often uses the wash to see how her skin feels. In all of her reviews, she talks about the dangers of too high or low pH in skincare, citing scientific findings to back up her review. 

“Why is pH in Skincare so important? It is estimated that the ‘natural’ skin surface pH is on average 4.7 (or, below a pH of 5) (Lambers, et al., 2006) It’s important to use cleansers and products that help maintain your skin’s natural pH range. Doing so will support your skin’s barrier function (it’s ability to repair and protect), moisturisation and healthy flora.”

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But the reviews don’t stop at face wash. The page also highlights her most used products, known as her ‘empties’ posts. Reef-safe sunscreen, nail care and lip products can also be found on the page. She also highlights certain ingredients in products, like sodium laurel sulfate and fragrance, which many people steer clear to avoid irritation. She has also noted propositions in legislation and policy changes that affect skincare in her posts, showing she is up to date with her knowledge. 

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Looking at the science behind your products helps make sure you aren’t harming your skin. Check out @socialskinroutine on Instagram or email her at to see where your favorite products rank.



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