How To: The Finsta

First you see the orange follower notification, then you see the random username. Then you ask yourself “Who the heck is this is?” You click on the account and look at the profile picture. You see that it is a picture of your best friend using the square face Snapchat filter. You laugh and make that follow button turn green. Congratulations, you just discovered your best friend’s finsta and have become his/her newest follower.

Finstagram, or finsta for short, is the newest social media craze. The word is a combination of fake/fun and instagram. People create second instagram accounts to post funny and embarrassing pictures and videos of themselves. This account is usually private and only followed by a select few.

Do you want to join in the finsta fun, but have no idea where to begin? Its easy! Valley has outlined some of our favorite finsta highlights to help you get your account started. The key to finsta success is confidence, humor and creativity.

The Username

No finsta is complete without an amazing  username. The username has to be creative and incorporate your name in some way. Think of your AIM username in fourth grade, but better. Bonus points if its punny. You want to show your friends that you are absolutely hilarious and slightly crazy. No shame comes with finstas — Only laughs and good times.

The First Post

This post is critical. This is you introducing yourself to the world. It is your first impression, your chance to tell the world your story and the perfect occasion to post that potato-like selfie that you have been hoarding on your phone for a few months now.

The Foodie Pic

Now here is where you get to show off your “foodie” side. There are a couple of rules, though. You are not allowed to edit the photo, this picture must be of a food that you enjoy and you need a killer caption. Valley is a fan of the Beaver Stadium chicken basket selfie — It’s easy. Purchase a chicken basket, hold it up to your face and snap a pic. Caption it “photogenic chicken basket” or something random that lets the world know that it is supposed to be a stupid picture, but you and your chicken basket still look fab.

The Bright Light Action Shot

You are going to need help from a friend for this one. In order to make it just right, you need to be caught off guard. This needs to happen in the dark so your friend can take a picture with the flash on. The brightness needs to blind you for two seconds so you can make a confused face. The finished product is pure gold. Valley would caption it “easy, breezy, beautiful,” or something like that.

The #TBT

Who doesn’t love Throwback Thursday? Of course, your finsta can’t miss out on all the #tbt fun! Next Thursday, post a picture from the lovely middle school awkward phase. This post should be funny but also appreciative because unfortunately, we owe the awkward phases so much. Valley likes the caption “#peaked.”

The Video that Makes Zero Sense

Do you ever take selfie videos on Snapchat using the crazy filters? The videos are random and irrelevant and you love them so much that you want to show your friends, but not the whole world? Post that video on your finsta. It will give you and your friends a good laugh and it will give you an excuse to edit the video with cool effects.

The finsta is all about making fun of yourself and loving yourself even more for it. It is about embracing your flaws and having fun. Remember, your finsta shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Have fun with it and get creative with your jokes — It is your “fun” account after all!