VALLEY Beauty Burn Book: As Told By Hyram

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Regina George’s Burn Book is arguably the best prop in teen movie history, but it is definitely not a desirable place to find yourself. However, as far as our honorary mentions go in VALLEY’s Beauty Burn Book, they’ve rightfully earned their place.

Instead of being a physical standing of petty of high school bullying, VALLEY’s Beauty Burn Book operates instead to inform you about the ugly truth behind some of today’s most popular beauty products. The unfortunate reality behind these products lives in their production means and the breakdown of their ingredient list; and we know ingredients never lie.

Here are a few of VALLEY’s Burn Book beauty products, brought to us by the wonderful Skincare by Hyram.

1. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

The first entry in the Burn Book and potentially the Regina-George-evil equivalent of skincare products is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Its abrasive contents, harmful advertising tactics and long term damaging effects have caused the product to be dragged over social media by skincare enthusiasts and experts all over including St.Ives’ biggest adversary and our skincare superhero Hyram. Hyram has been recognized on social media for his knowledge of skincare along with his personal exposure to a multitude of today’s most highly purchased beauty products.

In one specific YouTube video of Hyram’s titled “The Truth About St. Ives”, the beauty guru focuses on two key components of the scrub that are known to be extremely abrasive to the skin: walnut shell powder and cornmeal powder.

Consumers who regularly implement this scrub into their skincare regime believe it is a positively “transformative” product because it provides an “instant gratification” leaving the skin feeling very soft, thanks to the harsh physical exfoliation, which immediately leads the users to believe it’s doing its job and it’s doing it well. The reality is quite the opposite.

These abrasive ingredients result in aggressive physical exfoliation that is ultimately is too rough for facial skin, increasing inflammation, sensitivity and redness. It has even gone so far as to have broken capillaries within the face which is only able to be reversed through expensive laser surgery. To make matters worse, it contains a high concentration of fragrance, which has no benefit to the skin and truly only ends up causing irritation and allergic reaction. The Beauty Burn Book is where this scrub belongs, as well as the recycle bin.

2. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

Hyram also heavily drags the use of any makeup remover wipes. In his YouTube video titled “The Truth About Neutrogena.” Hyram highlights the fact that these wipes are physically and chemically harsh to the skin and to the environment. In addition to harsh fragrances and chemicals, these wipes also cannot be recycled and are packaged with loads of unnecessary plastic despite being greenwasher as “clean” and “environmentally friendly.” To the Beauty Burn Book Neutrogena make-up removing wipes go and there they will stay.

3. Mario Badescu Facial Mists

No surprise here; These facial mists “highly irritating and can cause allergies down the road,” says Hyram in his “The Truth About Mario Badescu” YouTube video. Due to the high concentration of perfume within them, the synthetic fragrances have been in recent studies deemed “potentially cancerous” as Hyram informs us in the video and there is nothing soothing about that. They ultimately present no actual benefit to the skin being that they are solely perfume and water.

4. Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser

The Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser is the final entry in the Beauty Burn Book that hopefully doesn’t end up leaving the drug store with you again. Hyram, in his YouTube Video titled “The Truth About Aveeno”, discusses how Aveeno is owned by Johnson&Johnson, which allows it to be marketed and distributed all over the world. The advertising of this brand builds a clean and simple persona surrounding the products.

Aveeno places a heavy focus on “natural extracts” being the main components within their products, which is unfortunately very misleading due to the fact that a majority of the main components of this cleanser are synthetic materials mixed with one to two actual natural extracts.

This product claims to be a brightening cleanser, with its brightening agent being soybean seed extract. In reality, the cleanser doesn’t contain a high enough concentration of soybean to actually relax hyperpigmentation or reduce dark spots on the skin before it is washed off. This cleanser also contains “undisclosed fragrance”, which we know has many potentially harmful effects. Given its misleading messaging and sketchy ingredients, this cleanser deserves the burn.

Along with disclosing the ugly truth about some of our most well-known and highly purchased beauty products, Skin Care with Hyram has tons of informative videos that provide information and how to better your skin regime and create a routine accustomed to you and your skincare goals.


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