Masking Acne

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Masks are critical for protecting yourself and others to reducing the spread of COVID-19. However, wearing a mask is hard on your skin and can cause breakouts that have been unsurprisingly been nicknamed “maskne.”

In accordance with the CDC’s most recent recommendations, you should be wearing a cloth face mask any time you’re in public. Many brands and designers have even designed fashionable masks. Nonetheless, wearing a mask comes with consistent rubbing and irritation of the skin as well as the buildup of oil and dirt in the pores.

Don’t worry! VALLEY has done the research for you and has provided some tips that may be able to help clear up that irritation.

1. Wash your masks 

When your skin can’t breathe, the sweat and dirt that collects throughout the day stays in your mask. You should try to wash your mask after every use.

2. Go Fragrance-Free

If you are washing your masks with scented detergent, the harsh fragrances could be the culprit of your “maskne.” Try this unscented laundry detergent from Tide and don’t forget to lay your mask out to dry as well!

3. Avoid harsh products/heavy make up 

Your makeup looks adorable and your mask matches your outfit, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect pair, but the truth is, you should not be wearing makeup under your mask.

4. Wash Your Face

It seems like a no brainer, but washing your face before and after wearing a mask could be helpful in reducing any breakouts. Ideally, your face should always be clean when you put a mask on. However, this does not mean go crazy with the face scrub. Be gentle on your skin and don’t forget to moisturize!

5. Find a cute cotton mask

Cotton is non-irritating to the skin and also can be cuter than the typical surgical mask. This pack of three face masks will be your go-to accessory this fall.

VALLEY knows how hard acne and blemishes can be on someone. Acne should be manageable with these tips and extra care. Masks are necessary and not going anywhere soon, so learning to fix these side effects can help make wearing them more manageable. 



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